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  1. Dell Precision M3800

    I am also interested in how you achieved this. Can you post some screen grabs of your "About this Mac" and System Information? Thanks!
  2. Thanks DaMadOne, YOU ROCK! I'll PM you if I have any issues.
  3. Would love to get my AMD rig running ML. Any hope with my specs below? Thanks!
  4. Follow up...I formatted the drive FAT32 from OSX...after accessing, I still get the kernel panic.
  5. I also have my 650 running with iPC 10.5.6. Config: Dual 3.2GHz, 3GB RAM, SCSI system drive, IDE data drive, Geforce 6800GS 256MB. I used NVistaller v.52 to get Quartz Extreme working. Everything seem to be great...then I access my IDE data drive and BAM! kernal panic. I had absolutly no problem getting the OS running on the SCSI drive. The DVD-R/W (IDE channel 2) seems to work because I have installed several apps from disk. What could be the issue and how do I fix it? Thanks!!!