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  1. Hi, Is there anyone who can help me edit my DSDt.aaml file in order to get fully working boot on Yosemite 10.10.3. ? My PC specification: Z77-DS3H, i5 3570k and MSI GTX 760 Twin Frozr. I tried to edit it myself but all that I did was edit GFX0 to GFX1. I applied all the fixes to clover plist.config which were mentioned here but nothing changed. IOFBNeedsRefresh command still shows YES for all the ports. Everything is ok with the first boot stage, but the second one is just a black screen with a pointer followed by a third stage with a loading bar in the middle. I uploaded the ioreg, DSDT.aml, and config.plist. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lao6n3q580pkdiw/AADNM2xV8Cplt-2SFFat1Q7va?dl=0 Please, guys.... I am desperate
  2. bojan

    Dual GPUs in Mountain Lion

    I have a radeon hd6950 and I cannot get it to work in 10.8.2. So, I was wondering if I could insert another card into PCI port (e.g. 8400gs or some ATI card, which is fully supported by OSX) and use it under Mountain Lion, while hd6950 is inserted into PCI Express and to be used under Windows 7. So, my question is: Is this possible, to have both cards installed, 8400gs working in mountain lion and 6950 working in windows? Is there any tutorial? Is 8400gs good solution for the second card or is there any other with better support in osx? I need a GPU with little power usage. I hope you will help me to solve the mystery
  3. bojan

    Intro video loops

    Is there anybody who can help me or I’ll smash my DVD into pieces?!!! I have installed patched Kalyway’s 10.5.2 Leopard and everything looked fine, but when I tried to boot with DVD, the menu with personal information appeared and when I completed that, the bloody video started reappearing over and over again and I had to start everything from the beginning. So I’m stuck. Can I install JMicron patch for HDD using bootable DVD ‘cause I can not access HDD in any other way? I’ll be very thankful.