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  1. FYI - got the boot flash drive working with this card. I guess I needed to add EVOEnabler and LegacyATI4800Controller.kext to the boot_disk/extra/extensions folder. Now I got stuck on booting the 2nd time to copy the script over to the main drive. As I was installing the first time, I saw out of the corner of my eye a black sreeen flash with text, then got a reboot. The flash drive only gave me the option of installing so I am thinking it crashed during the first install? If it fails again, I might try the ATI_Init.kext and try again. Ah! I got it. It wasn't clear to me from the instructions... after install, boot from the flash drive, and once you are at the bootloader screen select the hdd you just installed to. Copy the script from there and proceed... sweet!!
  2. Ah, thanks for the assessment. I have had this machine/video card working on 10.6 before using this script about a year ago (before my SSD crashed). The difference was that I installed directly into my hdd by tethering it to my macbook and running the script vs this new flash install method. At that time, I was just using the kexts included in DD's installer. Doesn't the flash boot method use those kexts? The other thing I just thought of, is maybe I don't have the monitor plugged into the primary video port. Not sure if that could cause this behavior, but I can try it again tonight.
  3. ...still working with the boot flash drive and am getting this when I am first booting into my hackintosh from it. Is this a KP? Can anyone interpret what it is telling me? I accepted all defaults when making the boot flash drive which I installed from macbookpro on 10.6. (just upgraded it to SL) Thumb drive gets recognized as a regular drive so I put it first in boot order. Things I have tried: I removed all drives but the one I want to install to. switched bois from raid back to achi mode. Hardware: gigabyte ex58-ud5 i7 920 sapphire 4870 1gb wd caviar drive
  4. Awesome man. I added the Gi to the case statement and that worked. info you requested: Total Size: 7.4 Gi (7992246272 (15609856 512-byte blocks) I don't know enough about macs to intelligently help you with the diff in prefixes. Maybe a difference in reporting between 10.5 and 10.6? The macbook pro that I am using isn't on snow leapord. (That was my best "mom" guess... "Did you try plugging it in?")
  5. Hey DD, When I saw the method #2, "install via USB drive" I ordered a Patriot Xporter XT Boost 8GB Flash Drive to do this with, since it sounded so cool! However, I have not been able to get past step 15 - creating the boot disk. The script says my drive is too small. I managed to tweak the script so I know the size it is reporting. It tells me "Installer to be cloned:" is 6.3 GB, and the flash drive is "7.4 Gi (USB) Patriot Memory -too small". I am doing this from a macbook pro on 10.5.8, and using the snow leopard install disk. I am not sure if the flash drive format makes a diff, but I have tried MBR/Fat32 and GUID/Mac OS Extended and had issues with both. Any ideas? Is the drive truly too small? I don't really know shell scripting so I am having trouble reading the script syntax to determine what size it is checking against. Have others done this method with an 8gb flash drive with success? On a separate note, Thanks for all your work in this - I had fun picking out my pc parts and playing with this based on this thread! Really great work!