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  1. Testing now... EDIT: Works ok. (With OpenCL issues (((
  2. Meh. Is it stable on 10.10.5 and older web drivers?
  3. Anyone noticed glitches and OpenCL crashes on 10.11.x web drivers @ GTX970?
  4. OpenCL & GTX970 Problem

    Hi. I have a strange problem with applications using OpenCL. When turned off, most Adobe apps constantly crashing (Photoshop & Illustrator). In Lightroom and DxO (suite for photographers) i can see many gliteches. Any way to fix it? DSDT/AGPM? Using latest Clover and Nvidia Web Drivers, SMBIOS to MacPro5,1 (before was iMac14,2) Hackintosh: Asus Strix Direct CU II GTX 970 4GB Gigabyte Z97 Gaming-3 OC'ed i4770k No SSDT/DSDT patches, using NullCPUPowerMgmgt. Thanks in advance!
  5. HD4000 problems with Lenovo Z500

    Thank you bullfroglou. Almost everything is working now (except internal microphone).
  6. HD4000 problems with Lenovo Z500

    Everything is working now, even second HDMI display with full qe/ci. My EDID was 0x0166003 Just can't run ALC269 on Z500.
  7. HD4000 problems with Lenovo Z500

    Hi. I also have Lenovo Z500. I'm using Clover bootloader and EDID injection like bullfroglou. I can't get QE/CI to work (no kext loaded) OSX 10.8.5 PS. I think that SMBIOS for Z500 with HD4000 should be MacBookPro9,1 instead of 9,2?