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  1. hardknoxni69a

    Help, Laptop randomly shuts off, becomes hot

    i am having same issue with the hazard build and the retail installation i never used to have actually get so hot that it shut off though driving me crazy.from a cold start it only takes like 20 minutes or so to get to the point that it shots off. hot to the point that i am surprised that the damn thing doesnt melt. PLZ help somebody. much appreciation
  2. alright dawincci i think u might have done a little more than what was needed to fix the original problem now that u are modifying other stuff it is leading to more problems i just use chameleon as instructed in the guide but just so you know when it says waiting for root device u have to specify the location using boot flags such as rd=disk0s2 so the system boots from your primary hard disk and your secondary partition the numbers will probably differ for you but u can contact me on tekmodz.webs.com and i should be able to help u out more let me know how it all goes for you
  3. dawincii try reinstalling cham and then switch the boot file from rc3 also after the reinstallation check to see if u know to refix anything like the smbious or the boot.plist
  4. Hey flasher i would be glad to help u with your install let me know some more details about when u boot i think one of the problems may just be cuz u have quad core but plz msg me on one of my contacts best way is thru tekmodz.webs.com check it out join up attach a pic on your reply of verbose -v like to help so let me know
  5. ok if i dont respond within a day about questions plz contact me thru mail or Instant Message AIM,Google,MSN, YAhoo, whatever i may have down for contacts best way is thru my site tekmodz.webs.com would be glad to help u all -boltun if you are getting waiting for root device u are gooing to have to specify the location of ur Install so if ur Mac is on the first hard drive second partition you have to type in rd=disk0s2 just to specify where the files and what not are located i used to have to do that for my leo installation also the reason u are having difficulties reaching you leo installation is i assume that u installed thru a distro for leo and as in iatkos v7 the kernel is named custom so if u want to boot into leo chameleon by default loads mach_kernel unless otherwise specified thats why in the guide i said to go into com.apple.boot.plist to change mach_kernel to mach_kernel.test7 that way chameleon looks for the .test7 version of the kernel so.. if you would like to boot into leo just specify custom so you would type="custom rd=disk0s2" if u have any questions please message me easiest way is thru my site tekmodz.webs.com just join up thanks.. n4p- i am going to need a lil more information about your computer specs and all would help out greatly personally i have not encountered the error but if you let me know some information may be an easy fix AIM me for help or whatever ur style is check my profile i have multiple contact info be glad to help u dastan- sry bro i had a topic under my name to help u out with the video card they must have took it off for some reason but on tekmodz.webs.com my site i have the driver so that should definately help u out big time
  6. hardknoxni69a

    Help with muti-booting.

    hey it is very possible i run win7-snow leo- leo(10.5.7)- linux. is ur osx already install? just read again by the looks of it u dont if i was u u should follow my guide on here about how to install snow(GUIDE).u will need leo first then snow leo u can add linux/ubuntu at anytime u like but yes go to start menu>run>diskmgmt.msc in windows shrink ur windows partition down to size u would like.>install leo from wtvr distro u choosei like iakos v7 but neways after u have leo installled from there u can start going thru my guide as long as u already have snow leo.dmg downloaded(10a432). ok on the guide there is a link to download necessary files need on tekmodz.webs.com we have the files as well and a .DMG that contains all chameleon versions. ok after u have snow installed with chameleon and everything ur gonna go to select windows during boot and its not gonna work (darn) well no biggy grab ur windows installation cd and go to repair section and reinstall ur bootloader the repair section might not show ur windows partition if that happens go to the command prompt part of the repair tools go into diskpart command is diskpart select the windows disk then partition make the windows partition active once its marked as active start the repair tools again and now will show ur windows install choose start up repair will fix bootmgr so now u can boot into windows yay but what about snow? when ur computer restarts will go strait to windows what about snow well u can go to that site tekmodz.webs.com and download EasyBCD for windows and when u run that program on windows go to add entries choose mac osx leave default settings but change to boot from mbr or whatever it says then save now when u restart voila will show 2 entries either boot into windows or into osx which will show the chameleon gui where u can choose from ur partitions what os u want to boot into ull be all set k now sum fun with linux boot ur linux live cd or whatver-- by the way u should think ahead of all this and figure what size partition u want for everything and before u even install leo use diskmgmt from windows and size up what u want all ur stuff to be dont format anything just create the partitions that way u can choose what partitions u want to use later on-- anyways at the end of your linux settings right before install change it so grub gets installed to the partition not the entire disk once thats installled u can boot into linux thru chameleon or go to windows and similar to when u chose osx go to the linux part and choose what partition u installed grub onto and save settings that way when u restart u can choose either osx or linux or windows thru the windows boot mgr or u can go into linux and add the boot flag to wtvr ur chameleon partition that way chameleon will be ur boot mgr instead of windows well good luck sry i did this kinda quick tried to add details any questions u can PM me or IM me best way is thru my tekmodz site good luck and let me know how it goes
  7. 84r7- Hey man I recommend for u to follow the guide exactly and worry about your card after ur system is up and running if you are trying to do video cards and stuff before u even have the os running thats prob why u cant boot. thats why i didnt include the info for efi strings and what not to much to worry about before u even have the OS running if i was u just start fresh and even if u think u know how to do something just go slow and follow the steps exactly even if u think u know what to do and if u couldnt create the mkext thats bcuz u didnt copy it to your desktop then do it like the guide says u cant do it from the actual directory so follow the guide to the t and get back at me. Amador- AIM - hardknoxni69a
  8. amador, hey man im realy glad you are successful with the guide im trying to get everyone using it because i tried many guides and i failed at all of them and this technique did the trick. well anyways ya that 10.6.2 update is the best one because you dont have to worry about doing .1 then .2 much easier i am glad it all went well but hey if you need your resolution higher try using the same kext from your other leo but it may not work because snow leo changed alot with the video settings but i believe that card is pretty popular i use a radeon so im not to positive but nvinject will prob help you out. IM Me at AIM:hardknoxni69a thanks and good luck
  9. Amador, I am glad the guide worked good for you. So far I have heard of alot of success. Maybe if you PM me or AIM:hardknoxni69a I could help you out with the LAN. Glad you appreciate the guide love to help everyone!!
  10. Amador This Guide should work great for you AMD is fine 4gb of ram is fine its all recognized, and MBR OR GUID will work for you. if you follow the guide then the necessary patches and such will have everything working great for you :censored2:
  11. Guide To Install Snow Leopard On AMD!!! I figured I would make a guide on how to install Snow Leo on AMD because after tons of different guides that didn't work I finally got the trick. I managed to get my HP TouchSmart Tx2-1020us (AMD Turion-x2 Ultra64) and others up and running so I would like to share with all you frustrated users dying to get your hands on some Snow. FOLLOW THE GUIDE EXACTLY! CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK! I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY IF YOU MESS UP YOUR PC! Things You'll Need.. * First thing first and probably the most important, you'll need a working install of Leopard 10.5.x on your PC already. ------(Google - iAtkos is a good OsX86 Distro) * Original .DMG of Snow Leopard(v.10A432)(Make it writable - Will need to edit .DMG) * An empty partition or drive with at least 10GB free space * Download Required HardKnox Files for installation from Here (HardKnox.zip) (Files in the guide with **xxxx** around them will be coming from the HardKnox Folder!!!) TAKE A BREATH THAT'S THE EASY STUFF LETS HAVE SOME FUN NOW!!! Step 1. Mount the Snow.DMG file, then go to Disk Utility and save a writeable .DMG file to your desktop or where ever you prefer. Un-Mount the Read-Only .DMG and Mount the new writeable .DMG, After you have the new Snow .DMG Mounted open the image so it brings you to the menu(Picture of Leopard with install and two folders). DO NOT CLICK INSTALL!!!. While the image is open click Go In the Top Menu Bar and select GO TO FOLDER.. then type "/Volumes/<Mounted Snow Leopard Install Disk>/System/Installation/Packages Step 2. Copy the **OSInstall.mpkg** from the HardKnox Folder and replace the one in your mounted Snow DMG. It's located in folder we previously brought up ("/Volumes/<Mac OS X Install DVD>/System/Installation/Packages"). -- If you haven't done so previously CREATE A PARTITION OR DRIVE WITH A VALID FILESYSTEM FOR YOUR OS. Use Disk Utility to choose an empty Partition or Drive then select ERASE with the OS Ex Journaled option. Step 3. After the format, make sure the permissions of the partition/drive are correct by running the following commands in the terminal: -->sudo -s -->chown 0:0 /Volumes/<Name Of New SNOW Drive> Step 4. Finally Let's Get Working. Run the "OSInstall.mpkg" file you replaced earlier in the Packages folder from the SNOW install .DMG. DON'T GO CRAZY CLICKING AWAY make sure you change the installation drive to the new SNOW drive and customize the install by removing all the PRINTERS LANGUAGES AND FONTS.As many people say go get a coffee or something, because install will probably take around 20 minutes to finish. CONGRATS!!! That wasn't hard was it. BUT YOU ARE NOT DONE YET SO DO NOT RESTART!!! Step 5. Run **Chameleon RC2** MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE INSTALL LOCATION TO NEW SNOW PARTITION/DRIVE!!! When that completes go into the **Chameleon RC3 Folder** then into the i386 folder and copy the **BOOT** file. -- Run **ShowAllFiles** and select "SHOW", now you need to replace the boot file in the root directory of the new partition/drive with the **BOOT** file from the i386 folder. Step 6. Now we need to delete a few files and copy a few files in order to make a successful boot, so you need to navigate to the root of the new Snow partition/drive and go to the /Extra then /Extensions folder and trash the "Disabler.kext", now go back to the root and go to the folder called /System then /Library then the /Extensions folder while here we also need to trash the "AppleHPET.kext" and "AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext". So in total 3 kext's should now be trash!! Ok while we are in this /System/Library/Extensions Folder Copy the 7 Files inside the **Snow Kexts Folder** and place them in the current /Extensions folder that we are currently in. So you should be adding: AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext, fakesmc.kext, NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, OpenHaltRestart.kext, PlatformUUID.kext, VoodooHDA.kext and VoodooPS2Controller.kext to the /System/Library/Extensions folder. Step 7. Copy the **Kext Utility** to your current desktop, then copy the /Extra/Extensions folder from your new SNOW partition/drive to your current desktop. Now drag the new Extensions folder on your desktop OVER the newly copied **Kext Utility** app to open and repair the permissions of that /Extensions Folder. When the **Kext Utility** app finishes it creates a new Extensions.mkext on your desktop. Navigate to the Root of your Snow partition/drive go in the /Extra Folder and delete the old /Extensions Folder and Extensions.mkext. Once you complete that, copy the new /Extensions Folder and Extensions.mkext from your desktop and place into your /Extra folder on your New SNOW partition/drive. --If you would like a little less clutter amongst your files you can now run **ShowAllFiles** again and chose HIDE if you wish to get rid of all the hidden files. Step 8. Run **DSDT Patcher** from the **DSDT** folder. In the patcher for OS options select Darwin/Mac OS X and for patcher options select Apply DSDT To... MAKE SURE YOU SELECT YOUR SNOW PARTITION/DRIVE. Then Patch. Step 9. Copy **smbios.plist** and place in the /Extra Folder off of your SNOW root directory, while in this directory copy your com.apple.boot.plist file to your current desktop, open the file on your desktop inside the text there is "mach_kernel" add .test7 to the end of the two words so it should now look like "<string>mach_kernel.test7</string>" once you have done so save the file. Return to the /Extra folder where you received the com.apple.boot.plist file from and delete the old com.apple.boot.plist file then copy the new file from your desktop and put it in the folder where it originally came from. Once you are done that, copy **mach_kernel.test7** and place it in your SNOW partition/drive root directory. Step 10. Now finally last step, all you need to do is repair the permissions for the SNOW Extensions folder. In order for it to repair you need to put the following commands into the terminal. -->sudo -s -->cd /Volumes/<Snow Leopard Installation>/System/Library/Extensions -->chown -R root:wheel * -->chmod -R 755 * CONGRATS!!! You should now have a working copy of SNOW. When you restart choose SNOW when chameleon boot loader shows up. You should probably repair permissions through Disk Utility once you are in the OS(If for some reason the OS says you don't have the package installed for Repairing your permissions Navigate back to the Packages folder in the SNOW.DMG you installed from and install the BSD package). If your internet or sound doesn't work look around the web for a driver, remember SNOW IS MADE FOR A MAC not your PC so hopefully somebody else has already made a driver for your Hardware. I did not include details on Video cards just makes stuff more confusing and more likely for some errors but you can look up info about EFiStudio to add specific details to the com.apple.boot.plist file. So as of now you will be booting using generic drivers nothing fancy I am just trying to get you guys up and running. There are wonderful sites out there dedicated to helping us 0sX86 modders so join some and help the community grow. There are different kernel flags you can use to control the way your OS boots so for example to see exactly what your pc is loading while the OS boots while selecting the SNOW drive in chameleon type "-v" to enter verbose mode, "-x" for safe mode, there are many things you can do for 32-bit mode type "arch=x86_32", "-f", etc., look online for commands they can be helpful. If for some reason you don't boot up re-read the steps and follow EXACTLY!!. Use the -f -v commands first boot so you can know how things go that way you can see exactly what goes wrong if anything. PM me for any questions. GOOD LUCK!! Combo Update to 10.6.2: Mac OS X v10.6.2 Update (Combo) If For Any Reason You Can Not Get Working Please Ask For Help!!!PM Me!!!AIM:HardKnoxNi69a!!! That Is The Whole Point Of This OsX86 Community Is To Help Each Other Dominate The Computer World!!!!! All You Have To Do Is Click A Button To Vote If This Was Helpful!!! Thanks!!!
  12. hardknoxni69a

    ATI Radeon HD 3200 OsX86

    Show package contents of the kext, open the plist file, towards bottom of file the value of HWcursor is true, change the value to false, even though i am pretty sure i saved it like that before upload but if you are using another variation of the file that is how you do it anyways
  13. hardknoxni69a

    ATI Radeon HD 3200 OsX86

    This Driver Is For The ATI Radeon HD 3200 Unfortunately QE/CI Does Not Work I Disabled HW Cursor So The Color Block For Mouse Does Not Appear As Stated In Original Post This Is From DONG That Is Why It Says "Big Thanks DONG" If You Want To Install You Can Use Kext Helper Or OsX86 Tools Whichever You Prefer, Or You Can Manually Copy Into /system/library/extensions/, Before You Restart Repair Permissions In Disk Utility If Anyone Has A Way To Enable QE/CI Plz Post A Link Would Be Greatly Appreciated. For TouchSmart TX2 Users Who Have Got Snow To Work I Would Like To Know How Plz. Also There Is A Driver Similar To This For Snow. Thanks. If you have distorted mouse check the info.plist and make sure hwcursor=false if it is already false try true
  14. hardknoxni69a

    ATI Radeon HD 3200 OsX86

    This Driver Is For The ATI Radeon HD 3200 Unfortunately QE/CI Does Not Work I Disabled HW Cursor So The Color Block For Mouse Does Not Appear As Stated In Original Post This Is From DONG That Is Why It Says "Big Thanks DONG" If You Want To Install You Can Use Kext Helper Or OsX86 Tools Whichever You Prefer, Or You Can Manually Copy Into /system/library/extensions/, Before You Restart Repair Permissions In Disk Utility If Anyone Has A Way To Enable QE/CI Plz Post A Link Would Be Greatly Appreciated. For TouchSmart TX2 Users Who Have Got Snow To Work I Would Like To Know How Plz. Also There Is A Driver Similar To This For Snow. Thanks
  15. hardknoxni69a

    Installing Hackintosh on HP Touchsmart tx2-1020us

    thats my link for the ati radeon 3200 HD Kext Radeon 3200