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  1. boot0: done - Trying to dual boot using MBR

    In the meantime, I've found another Solution. I downloaded and executed Chameleon Wizard. I chose Chameleon Version 2263 and used the Installation Method Boot0md. This was my way out. Now, I will try to get my Audio to work. Thank you, joe75.
  2. boot0: done - Trying to dual boot using MBR

    Hi, I got a similar Problem. It stucks at "boot0 done". I made a DarwinDump like told before... It would be great, if anyone could help me. Thank you in advance. Bootloaders.txt diskutil_list.txt disk0-Samsung SSD 840 PRO Series Media-128 GB.txt
  3. http://www.root86.org/showthread.php/2132-Asus-P5K-still-waiting-for-root-device?p=49496&viewfull=1#post49496 Here is a P5K BIOS with AHCI re-enabled and an apple logo included. Hope, anybody will enjoy this.
  4. Booting without Boot CD

    Hi @ all, I'm experiencing some troubles with my Dual-Boot Hackintosh and can only boot with a boot cd in the dvd-drive. I have one EFI-Partion, one for Snow and one for Windows. After partitioning, I installed Snow Leopard and then Windows. Finally, I installed Chameleon out of Snow after booting with the CD. My problem right now is, that I can boot both Windows and Snow, if I boot with the CD in the drive, but I cannot boot without the CD in the Drive. Chameleon does not start and I just see a blinking coursor on top at the left side, when my Laptop should boot. I would be glad to get some help with this problem. By the way, I was searching both, this page and google for nearly one day, before posting this question. Thank you in advance.
  5. Intel removed that download from their website. Probably it was outdated. Is there any possibility to get that stuff?