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  1. I would like to build a basic Leo or Snow Leo hackintosh from this Shuttle SB61G2. Here are the hw specs: Intel 865G North Bridge ICH5 South Bridge Intel Extreme Graphics 2, incorporated in I865G Realtek ALC650 5.1 ch audio Realtek RTL8100B lan P4 3Ghz CPU 1-2 gigs of DDR ram SATA drives Video card: I'll need an AGP video card that will support 2048x1152, but one that's not too power hungry (PSU is 200W only). I am thinking of an older NVidia card, 7 series perhaps. All suggestions welcomed though as I got no clue. Is this possible, and which OSx86 distro would work on this?
  2. @Zenith432: Would you happen to have a Snow Leo version of the Ensoniq Audio PCI driver? It looks like the Leo mpkg install files aren't compatible with Snow. I tried the file I downloaded from your repository but it just hang half way through. I don't think it even got to the point to copy any of the files to System/Library/Exntesions. I also tried compiling and installing your APC97Audio v5 source in XCode with everything left at default, but after installing the resulting kexts found in the Development folder (tried plain and IntelICH), no device showed up in the sound panel even after a restart. I had to put back the old kext found in Donk's zip, which showed up in the sound panel without a fuss. What was I doing wrong there? On a side note, I really like the features of the new iMacs and now that I've been wetting my feet in Mac OS X Leo and Snow Leo for the past few weeks - thanks for the most part to Donk -, I am quite tempted to order a 21.5" iMac with the ATI video card and 1TB HD...but knowing how controlling Apple is these days, I am having a hard time pulling the trigger on it. Btw, that new wireless mouse they come with is nice and seems great with all the features but looks so unergonomic to me that I'm getting CTS just by looking at it
  3. Yeah, I guess that's how it should be under normal circumstances. I am using Workstation 7 RC with a Snow Leo image made in Fusion 2 with VMWare Tools pre-installed and share folders weren't working straight out of the box. After making the changes I read in your PDF it worked wonderful I agree with Kenokabe on organizing the knowledge accumulated on these 30+ pages into a Wiki. I personally didn't even know I had to overwrite vmware-darwin-200.zip files with darwin-snowy.zip until I followed Satmonkey's straight forward step by step guide in post #524. That helped me a great deal. This forum has grown to a size that's way too time consuming to read through. I've only gotten a quarter way through it myself. A Wiki that could easily be updated over time by the knowledgeable members here would definitely reduce the number of similar questions asked. Whether Donk or someone else has the time and patience to set it up and transfer the content of the pdf updated with the knowledge accumulated on these forum pages into a Wiki - to start with -, that's another question. I personally think that if and when that's done, Donk would have more time to concentrate on creating and testing these packages as opposed to posting so many support reply messages. In any case, keep up the good work. I am going to try to switch over to this sound driver from Zenith432's repository as the one included with Donk's package was quite weird when it came to YouTube vids and such. It was good enough for OS sound effects though and was better than having no sound at all. Let's hope this driver will work better with my computer hardware too. Thanks to Zenith432 and for the link to Captainfs. 1 Weird thing: version 1.0.1 is dated later in the repository than 1.0.2...
  4. @grabarchuk: The following is what I used to set up VMWare share folders on my Snow Leo image - it's from Donk's manual (with slight modifications for punctuation and clarification reasons) linked in the first post of this thread: 4.1.1 Shared Folders Shared Folders do not work out of the box and requires a change to the start-up shell script to work properly. Again you will need to edit a file as root or via sudo to correct the problem. 1. Open a terminal session and get the uid Number for the current user (or for the user who will be mounting the share folder) from the id command 2. Open services.sh for editing: sudo nano -w '/Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/services.sh' [or you can use vi instead of nano -w in the above line like I used as I am more familiar with it --Solidus] 3. Find and edit the line mount -t vmhgfs .host:/ '/Volumes/Shared Folders' to mount -t vmhgfs -o uid=<NNN> .host:/ '/Volumes/Shared Folders' where <NNN> is the uid Number we got earlier from the id command. 4. Restart services: sudo '/Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/services.sh' --restart
  5. Thanks for getting new links for these files, I was eagerly waiting for them. Few days ago I read in a post that VMW 7 includes the darwin files by default like Fusion does. Well, that's not the case so I coudn't boot the Snow Leo image until I installed these files. Thanks again and also for the well written guide. With the help of these files, I finally got OS X running great on my quad core machine. Keep up the good work!
  6. Cool, I've been also trying to dl it today with no luck... My situation is that I've been using Leo on VMWare 6.5 but was running dead slooooow on my Intel Q6600 CPU/4GB DDR3 machine. I now have a Snow VMWare image made with Fusion 2 I will try to get running on a VMW 7 RC once the RC finished downloading. Would Snow run better on VMW 7 than Leo on 6.5? Also, do I need these files installed since I'm not actually starting from scratch?