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  1. kdhflaksdhgfk

    OS X Annoyances

    What really bugs me is the lack of the ability to turn the screen of a mac off at will. It's extremely annoying on an iMac when you want to walk away for a few minutes but don't want to go into the energy saver preferences and tweak those settings. Something that uses a key combination or a menu bar icon would be just wonderful.
  2. kdhflaksdhgfk

    "New" Cinema Displays

    The 20" now has a 300 cd/m2 brightness (was 250 cd/m2) and the 23" has a 400 cd/m2 brightness (was 270 cd/m2). Both displays now also have a 700:1 contrast ratio (up from 400:1).
  3. kdhflaksdhgfk

    can't install Leopard

    I can also confirm this works. Reassurance never hurt, especially when those DL disks cost so much!