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  1. Mac OS X guest unlocker for VMware

    OK but my W7 is installed in D:\Progs\Vmware so how do I get the patcher to look into this location?
  2. Mac OS X guest unlocker for VMware

    Hi, new user here So I take it this patcher looks into the default location of C:\Program Files\Vmware But what if one is running a 64bit OS in which case it would be C:\Program Files (x86)\Vmware ? Or what if I have vmware workstation installed on my D: drive? Is there any way to force it to look into the correct install location? Thanks! Oh, and one more question: Why is this patcher actually needed? Reason I ask is I seem to remember succesfully installing OSX (Snow Leopard? Leopard?) a couple years ago as a vmware guest and I don't seem to recall patching my VMW installation then....
  3. Finally got it working, step 1 trouble I had turned out to be a DVD-RW issue rather than anything else. Burned to DVD-R and all was fine. Word of advice- applying apple updates will make the installation go into an infinite restart loop on next reboot.
  4. OK I tried this on my D610 and was halted right on step 1: 1. Boot to disk, select Language I boot to the install DVD, see the apple logo, the rotating indicator, but nothing else happens. Any ideas? eidt: in verbose mode (-v) the install seems to be having a problem with the HDD? It says "disk1s2: unsupported mode". Does this help any troubleshooting? edit2: I deleted and recreated the primary partition (chose Ext3) and the insstaller now reboots the notebook after 1 minute and comes up with "System config file '/com.apple.Boot.Slist' not found". I'm guessing this is the osx bootloader unsuccesfully trying to boot the OS from the hdd after the botched install?