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  1. Portege R100 installation issues

    Dont mean to ressurect a dead thread But I have had major issues with a portege r100 when the bios is set to wake on lan like a 20 minute boot time? Turned it off and it booted slow but normal Note that this is with xp sp3 so this may not shed any light. Still if you chapps have had success with installing an OSX flavour I am keen as I have a couiple of these lappies at home and would love to install OSX on one. Can you perhaps list what you have had to do re extra drivers etc
  2. Greatest Mac in History

    The best Mac ever??? The one(s) you currently own.
  3. Apple sued over...clickwheel

    I patented the patenting process. So pay up!!!!
  4. Latitude D620

  5. Latitude D620

    HI All, I have been issued with the above laptop. As far as I know the hardwar build will be pretty standard, as it is issued by the company I work for. I am pretty new to the whole windows environment, so I am treading carefully as I dont want to break the install that is currently on it. It has a bunch of different LAN and VPN acess configs on it and as it is a fairly major global corp I work for, I dont wish to do anything intrusive or potentially harmful to it. It seems from the HCL and several posts I have read that the laptop will work with this project. That said: My Plan is to buy either a 4GB USB thumb drive (Ideally) or an external USB drive and install OSX to that. I will back up the C drive to DVD before I start, If I can somehow clone it so I can reinstall/image the C drive easily if all goes pearshaped then that would be ideal. I will/am investigating what would be best to do this with, As suggested by a colleague and from what I have read here, I need to reduce the partition size that houses the OS and current documents/files using Partition magic so I can more easily back up the C drive. Currently 6.8 or so Gb are used on a 93 GB internal drive. Any suggestions here are welcomed! I have the 10.4.8 Jas reseed DVD image at home on my G4 mac. I intend to burn this to DVD and install from there as suggested by the many posts I have read thru. I have searched for "USB" and "FLASH" as topic headings to find out the best way to go about this little success and as outlined above I have some trepidation in starting this process. CAn any one shed some light as to how to do this safely? MY CMD line knowledge is pretty scarce but I am a quick learner and will be approaching this with as much planning as I can muster. I will provide any and all info I can to any kind soul who may wish to spend time helping me.
  6. Take One, Leave One

    celeron ___________ jesus or mohammed
  7. Your Next Computer

    Ive been a MAC user all my digital life.. And Ive always been annoyed that i couldnt build my own.. So I'm gonna go hackinsplosh for now. (as well as the wonderful world of wind ohs)
  8. It would be great to have the info on the HCL ported into a spreadsheet so as to be able to rate compatibility etc. I'm pretty useless on the mechanics of this so I dont know how hard it is. But for noobos like myself it might make the purchase/install process easier thus reducing the amount of forum questions. also I swear I hit reply button on the above thread but got quotes instead......
  9. "OSx86", what's in a name?

    @niteice with respect... MAC used to be PPC based, hence the cuteness in the crosspollination/abbreviation of osx and x86
  10. Well most enterprise environments wil drag their heels on anything. Using extensive testing before they commit to a new piece of sw let alone an OS. Still ya gots to wonder.....
  11. I use my Sony ericsson P910i as a music player and when/if the Iphone becomes a reality then will in all likely hood migrate to that.. Specially if they get smart and introduce a PDA variant phone. mmmm Please?
  12. What i don't get is this: As soon as the PPC paltform was dropped by mac in favour of Intel wasnt the writing on the wall at that point? While its nice to think all apps can be made backwards compatible, realistically, resources should be better spent on getting a stable and bug free app made, Not making that app compatible with obselete chips regardless of how difficult or easy it is to port it. Within the audio industry, Digidesign are famous for releasing new hardware that effectively makes their previous releases redundant and they ignore any and all investments the end user makes in doing so. Their rationale is simply to ignore the howl of protest and enjoy the early adopters and pro's who just shrug, bite the bullet and re purchase. At what point does PPC support end? The intel chip has superceded it for the Mac platform... So at what point does it become polite/ethical etc to drop it?
  13. Copland's Whereabouts

    @ GURU c@rr@ch0 is Carracho ....The application ............... is the address of a server ) whose name escapes me) where a bunch of older mac os's are housed/hosted....... Incl Rhapsody Unless I mistaook yr question........... PM me if i am way off base
  14. Copland's Whereabouts

    c@rr@ch0 might be interesting.....
  15. www.tetsoo.com A friend showed me this like 5 yrs ago and I loved it.. due to many blows to the head i soon forgot the address and it popped back the other day.. If you like it then enjoy.