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  1. kmc

    HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    Hey guys Hope you are all well... finally got my mini completely up and running today after accidentally throwing the first dell 1510 card i received in the bin with a bunch of paper (it is kind of tiny)! Couple of simple questions I'm sure someone can answer... I have de-whitelisted, so the 1510 is in the half size slot with no tape on pin 20. The original G+BT card is in the full-size slot to provide bluetooth as it seems the 1510 i bought does not have it on board. Is there any way to turn off BT to conserve battery power? At the minute it is always on. Airport can be switched, however. Help much appreciated. K
  2. might not have that much to do with it.... only about 30 Euros at the minute haha. Exciting stuff though! My mini still hasn't arrived so kudos to you all for engineering an (almost) fully functional system before it even graces my doorstep!
  3. kmc

    HP Mini 311 - Project Thread (Part I - OLD)

    Hi Everyone First of all thanks a lot for all your effort and posting about your experiences... I've been following since the start and the progress is awesome. My mini should be arriving shortly so I'm currently ordering the parts I need... U.FL extensions are on the way - just about to order a half height 1510 card. Am I correct in saying that those of you who have taken this step are still using the stock card for bluetooth? It seems the 1510 I am looking at has bluetooth support too: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Dell-1510-mini-PCI-E...#ht_2355wt_1008 While this is my first post here, when my mini arrives I'll be sure to contribute what I can to audio and HDMI. I'm not familiar with the architecture of Mini PCI-e - ignoring any HP blacklist policies - should the slots be compatible with SSD cards? Regards K