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  1. Soo, I managed to install 10.12 on this board with the onboard graphics card. I screwed up my sound a while ago (physically), probably by using a wrong voodoo patch on 10.6.8 for years. I now have sound through airplay, bluetooth and a usb sound card ordered for less than €1. Everything else seems to work just fine. Here's what I did: I installed mac os sierra on a hard drive with an other working computer (old 2,5inch drive with a legit macbook in my case) I ran m*litib*ast on that drive, selecting legacy boot, inject Nvidia I copied the files from mail_hxm (thanks for sharing) in post #843 to the efi drive EFI/CLOVER, except the config.plist file. System wouldn't boot with his config.plist. Probably because no nvidia injection. Someone could try to add that but I choose the easiest way Put the hard drive in the zotac machine, boot from that drive, everything works for me (except the build in wifi, but that never worked for me) Edit: my dad updated this machine by accident. I get a screen with a mouse cursor only and it blinks when pressing some keys. I don't know why but it's supposed to show the login screen but it doesn't show. So after updating and rebooting you get a weird screen with cursor only. Just type your password and press enter and you have your screen back. So it even updates sort of fine. Edit 2: after weeks of trial and error (and waiting for sata to usb cable) I finally figured something out. I was unable to start from my terabyte drive although I exactly duplicated the steps from the drive that I can boot from. Finally found the solution for al this misserie. I had to switch the sata ports... So if anyone ecounters weird booting problems. Try a different sata port Sorry yozik, no updates on the sound. But the appleHDA fixes work on any system update in my experiences.
  2. Asus P5N7A-VM

    Could you be more specific in how you managed to get clover booting? I don't understand what you disabled and where to disable this. Is it an option in the BIOS or is it a setting in clover? Edit: ok it was a setting in clover. I managed to boot untill the message came with uptime in nanoseconds. I guess that's kernel panic. I try to set the memory slots in the config file of clover. I've put 2 x 2048 mb of ram in the yellow slots, does anyone know what number they are? I changed the numbers and now I don't even come in the boot screen anymore. Perhaps someone could upload their config.plist (or whole eci folder) with a working clover boot?
  3. Yozik, thanks a bunch for sharing how you managed to install 10.11 on this board. Since I crashed the working 10.6.8 system on this board I'm gonna try to install the latest mac os 10.12 with the onbaord graphics card since I don't have anything else. Will post how it went.
  4. Asus P5N7A-VM

    Sooo... anyone tried sierra yet? I'm still using this machine on 10.9.5 because it runs stable and I have a macbook with the latest software. But it would be nice if this machine synced smoothly with it.
  5. Asus P5N7A-VM

    Did anyone by chance succeeded in getting messages to work? I tried every solution that I found (except with clover boot loader because I didn't get it too boot with clover) without succes.
  6. Asus P5N7A-VM

    nowhinjing, I'd like to thank you for your effort in typing how to install mavericks on this board. With your attached files it is indeed really easy. I have 2 harddrives in this build and one drive is now running mavericks very smoothly. I just have one issue before I make mavericks my main OS (now running 10.6.8 as my main) and that is that I can't use 2 screens at a time. When I connect another screen to the dvi port in this board mavericks won't boot. I try to figure out what I did different on 10.6.8 but it's out of my knowledge. Perhaps someone else has some ideas on this? I followed this guide for 10.6.8 ( http://coderazzi.net/osx/p5n7a-vm/index.htm )
  7. Lenovo S12 ion (NVIDIA) 10.6.6 GUDE

    @tonto2k, I think you and I have the same problem. This lenovo has always worked pretty wel on 10.6.6 but it just stopped working from one on another day giving probably the same error message as yours. I didn't update it or whatever. And now when I try to reinstall exactly the same as I always did, what always worked it gives me this error message. Very weird edit: when I install chameleon bootloader with myhack installer it goes further, no succes so far but you might try some things out
  8. Lenovo S12 ion (NVIDIA) 10.6.6 GUDE

    @revomac It is not (yet) possible to install osx lion (10.7) on a netbook since lion is 64 bits and most netbooks are 32.
  9. Lenovo S12 ion (NVIDIA) 10.6.6 GUDE

    Hi carlitosx, thank you for your hard work for this machine. I've got osx running better then ever on this machine (youtube as good as perfect on 1080p) . I tried your fix today so I could install Ilife but it still crashes during the install. But that's not my biggest problem. Before I ran kext utility (for the Ilife fix), I had 2 and three finger gestures. But now, after running kext utility, the trackpad doesn't have it anymore. It doesn't react to the system preferences either. When I try to set the trackpad slower it doesn't react. Do you have a possible solution? I tried re-installing the kexts using kext helper, without any succes. I am using your extra folder of the new.zip and the dsdt from the lenovo s12 repository. and again, thank you! edit: I might mention that I got a KP while running kext utility the first time I ran it, so I did it again, without KP. Also I always have to force quit kext helper after it says: install looks to be fine, cross fingers and reboot. I checked S/L/E and I see that there is a ApplePS2Controller.kext, This kext was also in/extra/extensions, I removed the onoe in extra folder and trackpad works again. Now I just have the problem of not being able to install Ilife,
  10. Lot of people don't know is that you might need to kick your iphone into a pwned dfu mode before you can restore custom ispw...
  11. hacktivate iPhone 3gs

    So what you wanna do? If you want your 3gs unlocked and you have updated it you have to update the baseband to 06.15 (the ipad one). If you have a older firmware (or always updated with customfirmware) you might be able to unlock it without updating the baseband
  12. Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    Hi there, I still havent had time to create a good backup and try to do a clean install using cheops latest dsdt and just a few kext. I would like to know if anyone else had succes with it? I've read a few posts back what supposed to be in the extra folder. Maybe it's a idea if someone already did it that he uploads that folder? Further I was wondering how the 10.6.7 update is working for this machine, has anyone tried it already? Greetingz
  13. Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    woow Cheops, thank you very much for the DSDT, Now I can put my laptop to sleep! Something i've wanted to work for months. I guess it's time to reinstall everything sometime since I have some useless kexts now. I remove the tape from pin 20 later this weekend I guess. Does this mean that the physical wifi switch will work?
  14. Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    Hi, my lenovo has the problem of instantly waking up and going to sleep since the new itunes update (atleast, that's the last thing I can remember doing on this machine) anyone else having problems since the latest itunes update? Gonna reinstall now, I guess it would solve the problem, if not I try the method of keyno though i'm afraid that I will lose some battery life that way. My idea was to first get an expert combine the two dsdt's to a perfect one with sleep and qe/cl and no 100% usage all the time. I guess non of us still have a clue where the instant sleep/wake up problem comes from ?
  15. Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    We're not using distro's, only original apple snow leopard. It's called a retail install. Distro's are history man, old-fashioned