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  1. bulldogg80

    Leopard Tweaker

    Love the App, more Futures please....:=)
  2. bulldogg80

    Hacking Leopard GUI

    Thanks, verry COOL APP!!!! please add some more dock themes cheers
  3. bulldogg80

    os x leopard 10.5 9a527 kalyway on xps 410

    yeh please post the link to the wallpaper
  4. bulldogg80

    Build 9a527

    yes i see, but what do this mean (What’s weird to me isn’t the iPhone-style switch button, but that the words “ON” and “OFF” are set in all-caps Helvetica.)
  5. bulldogg80

    Build 9a527

    Anyone see something like this? iPhone-Style On/Off Switching in Leopard? http://daringfireball.net/linked/2007/augu...21-iphone_onoff
  6. bulldogg80

    NeedForSpeed CARBON on Mac Pro

    Is it relly hard to know what people gett for FPS in NeedForSpeed CARBON?
  7. bulldogg80

    NeedForSpeed CARBON on Mac Pro

    This is all the info i gett...
  8. bulldogg80

    NeedForSpeed CARBON on Mac Pro

    yehh I Love you People that Convert this PC Games to OS X... I Run NeedForSpeed CARBON on my Mac Pro and it works I wondering if my 20-30 FPS is Normal? or what do you People have? is it relly Normal for Mac Pro 512mb Video memory? "I know Cider not make the games so fast as thy are in Windows" Sorry my English
  9. bulldogg80

    a little birdie says....

    is the birdies name Mizhou on oink? :=)
  10. bulldogg80

    F.E.A.R on Mac Pro

    I see thanks for the info...
  11. bulldogg80

    F.E.A.R on Mac Pro

    Have anyone play F.E.A.R on a Mac Pro? I have try it and i use a 2.66, 1GB memory and ATI 1900XT and i think it is a bit junky, do you people think it is becuse of 1 GB memory only? have someone more try with better succes?
  12. bulldogg80

    Boot Camp 1.1.1

    i have some problem, when i use windows under parallels it feels like its mutch faster then when i use it in Boot camp. Any ides?