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  1. XGrid on AppleTV?

    I think you'd get more bang for your buck, in terms of processing power, from Mac Mini's instead of Apple TV. Still, the ?TV probably doesn't get as hot as the Mini, and you can probably fit three of them in the same space as a Mini. Also, they are probably easier to administrate, not too much advanced hardware that can screw up. If you're looking for a cheap processing unit (relatively) for folding@home or such, the PS3 is probably much more cost efficient than a bunch of ?tv's or Mini's.
  2. My Preview program handles PDF forms just fine.
  3. Help Me Get OS X ON PS3

    Does anyone know of a forum where we can actually discuss darwin on PS3 without having the thread filled out with junk? Sometimes I wonder if MS hires people to bash the PS3...
  4. Come on, what is this? This is the first time I've heard people complaining about Apple updating frequently (and this update is for 2007, it's only beta now). And if you beleive the only improvements are for the USB Modem, then why update at all? You don't need to, y'know. I thought one of the reasons people were hacking OSX was because they thought it was fun (or at least rewarding, a challenge to overcome), and just not because they wanted to run OSX on their hackintoshes. Either way, the 10.4.9 update isn't here yet (for consumers), and it's probably not critical. Stop whining.
  5. Photoshop VS Aperture

    I have 1.25 Gb. Guess that Dual-channel speed-up thingy really does matter.
  6. Only if the buyer would have actually bought the new OS if he couldn't pirate the old, which is hardly the case for a software collector.
  7. Photoshop VS Aperture

    I think that Aperture has more ingenious functions (it's Apple, after all), and perhaps a better workflow (I wouldn't know). It has one big disadvantage though: It crawls along on my Macbook. I'm only an amateur photograph, and I think that lightroom fits me better, as I don't need all the functions in Aperture, and the ones I need are too slow on my Macbook. Lightroom is much lighter on the computer. If I decide to take my photographing seriously then I would definitely invest in a MBP and Aperture (the RAW support in Ape is better than in Lightroom, I've heard). So, if you're a proffesional photographer, try Aperture/Photoshop combo. If you're an amateur photographer, then perhaps lightroom is better for you (at least if you have a macbook/other slow computer).
  8. Site Popularity

    Well, most of us lurkers don't have anything to say... err, write. Maybe when I get Qemu to run Darwin I will post some more.