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  1. After doing a clean install of Leopard on my MacBook Pro I quickly discovered all of the bugs and the applications that simply are not yet ready to run on 10.5 (like Unison and Acquisition). So I decided to go back and reformat the drive for both Leopard and Tiger. Using Disk Utility on the Leopard Preview disc I partitioned the 120GB hard drive of my MBP into two parts (allowing just 12GB for Leopard). I reinstalled 10.5 on one partition and then reinstalled 10.4.7 on the other. So now I have two hard drive icons on my desktop and can restart from either. I'll use Tiger for day to day stuff and will re-start into Leopard to play with its features. It was very easy to do. Didn't require Boot Camp or anything else. Just a matter of time and patience in doing the installs and then reconfiguring everything. I thought I'd share as this Developer's build of 10.5 is buggy.
  2. Canon PIXMA printers not working in Leopard

    Correction: Leopard is printing via USB cable directly from my MacBook Pro. But when I try to print via my Airport Basestation it will not work.
  3. Has anyone else had problems getting Leopard to print something? I installed the latest Canon print drivers (when the default drivers installed from the Leopard DVD did not work). It finds the printer on the network but will not seem to add it. I get just the spinning beach ball. Can't even force quit. I have to log out to get it to reset. I'd be grateful to know if any others have been having similar problems or if you have a work-around. thanks in advance.
  4. can't install Leopard

    I unstuffed the files using an RAR unstuffer. Then I opened Disk Utility (Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility). Drag the dmg file to the left side of Disk Utility. From the Menu Bar pull down "Convert". Convert the dmg to a DVD/CD Master. It will add "cdr" to the end. Once it is a cdr, you can burn it using the yellow burn button in the upper left hand corner of Disk Utility. Note: The file size is slightly bigger than will fit on a single sided DVD. I had to use a Dual-Layer. It worked. Double click on your nex installer disk. Your mac restarts and installs Leopard.
  5. root activation in Leopard

    Drag over a copy of NetInfoManager from your Applications>Utilities folder in Tiger. It runs in Leopard and will allow you to define a root user.