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  1. blugray

    save imac g4 project

    Good job!! Your ressusitation of 20' imac is successful!
  2. blugray

    save imac g4 project

    Before buying ADboard kit, you must confirm that ADboard kit match to your LCD pannel. In my case, two LCD signal cables were simply connected line to line by soldering. I used name tag for exact connection of line.
  3. blugray

    save imac g4 project

    Additionally you'll need more signal cables & inverter cables for extension.
  4. blugray

    save imac g4 project

    Recently there are many ADboard kits for recycling LCD. I bought this ADboard kit in auction site in Korea. I'll give you the auction site link, although little helpful to you. http://itempage.auction.co.kr/DetailView.a...mp;frm=itempage I recommend to find similar ADboard kits in ebay or else. If you have any question, ask me again.
  5. blugray

    save imac g4 project

    Yes, this is a pc in imac g4 clothing. I think mac mini in imac g4 clothing is very difficult. If wants to use snow leopard, I recommend hakintoshi method. I'm sorry I have no idea. I think that is old fashioned and wifi component is not expensive. I recommend replacing new one.
  6. blugray

    save imac g4 project

    That methods is simple, and I recommend. But my method is recycling original LCD pannel. At first, I bought a proper AD board for original LCD pannel. The most hard process of this mod is to work LCD. At first I got a proper AD board for original LCD pannel. and then did extension LCD signal cable and inverter cable by soldering for passage into neck part. Refer to my blog and ask again. Good luck!
  7. blugray

    save imac g4 project

    yes, I can't find the methods of save imac g4 as mac.
  8. blugray

    save imac g4 project

    mobo:zotac ionitx n330 wifi 90w dual core atom cpu / ion chipset
  9. blugray

    save imac g4 project

    Hello. I love this design of imac g4. but, my imac is already dead. so I tried mod of imac g4. The results is successful. Enjoy the rebirth imac g4!! Visit My Website http://fs.textcube.com/blog/4/40950/attach/XFlMZnU2SL.jpg
  10. blugray

    Justaviet's G5 Hackintosh

    wow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,great!!! I wish to see the results.