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  1. Any one running on a Dell optiplex GX260

    I was helped in this forum with installing leopard 10.5.6 on optiplex GX260. The post seems to be broken but i had save the post on my machine. Here it is below. the IPC distro can be found on the web http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1314788 You need to use the ipc final distro. When you insert the DVD iso so the following: 1. Partition the new drive. Select options and select GUID partition. Then apply. 2. Seect the drive that you partitioned. 3. When you get to the install portion after picking the drive you need to select CUSTOMIZE. 4. When customize opens you need to select the drivers as follows. select voodoo 9.5 kernel. a video you should pick the intel 900 video kext. b chip set select apchintelIIlegacy. -----AppleIntelIntegratedGraphics.kext c audio go to other and select AC97. d ethernet select the BCM5751 kext. e select both usb options. -----PCGENUSBEHCI, Patched USB Drivers f Under patches and fixes select the following: legacy time machine fix seatbelt fix (any pc you load needs this or you can't mount DMG's you get kernel panics) iofamilykext.patched usb mount fix ACPI shutdown restart fix PS2 fix and select the key board only not both or it will kernel panic on boot. under DSDT click the native one. under smbios click the smbios toh g under applications select everything except marvins utility as you don't have AMD processor. That is it. Then press the install and get a cup of coffee. When it finishes let it reboot. At the first reboot hit enter the type -f -v at boot loader prompt. It should boot perfectly follow the instructions to set it up and add an account. When that is done. Restart again and hit enter to get boot loader prompt. Type "Graphics Mode"="1024x1280x32@85" because the old intel graphics card is not supported you would only have 1024x768 resolution so you can use the boot loader to load a better graphics mode. You will have to type that in each time you re-boot. My sleep and hibernate works so I very rarely reboot. When I do I just type that in and I am good to go. It is the only draw back, but at least it does not cost as much as a mac. Plus wait till you see how fast osx runs on the pentium 4 compared to xp that ran on that machine.
  2. Specs------->Pentium 4 2.4GHZ, 2GB of RAM, Intel 845G chipset, Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics, IDE drive and AC97 audio. Maybe being a bit greedy with the gx260 but trying to get Snow leopard to install. I had helped with IPC Leopard distro 10.5.6 to install and works. I have followed a number of guides online and I end up at the same point. When booting the snow leopard and using switches -x32 -v -f, a list of kext/drivers will scroll down the screen rather quickly for about more than 5 to 10 secs and then (i believe its trying to load) a blank screen. Without the switches, a gray screen with an apple in the middle, but no mouse or keyboard response. From hitting the pause button when the list of kext are loading, the closest i have gotten to seeing the last line before the black screen of death is "efi_inject_get_devprop_string NULL trying stringdata". Without pausing, for a brief flasb before the black screen, i see two words "leaving" and achi. Is there anyone who can please help me or have had success in getting it running? Been Trying for 2 weeks with no success. Thanks