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  1. Time Capsule Discussion

    Does any one knows which zeroconf string is used by the device for exporting it's afs service? if any one ever put hands on one, please use a protocol analyzer to discover it. thanks
  2. if I had money to buy it for my macbook, I would. But as I don't have R$269. So I think the moral issue is not a major problem, anyway all other softwares I use at home are piracy, so no damage. I have many copies of pirate XP, office, the sims, nero, norton, what else you can imagine.
  3. Leopard GUI

    If yes, tell us why. I didn't like this nightly look-and-feel, It's too dark. Looks like the Windows Vista, really ugly. I wanna aqua back.
  4. When the subject is windows I'm out of the charge... But I wanna know how to access a block device (Floppy, Hard Drive) under windows without using low level programing. If it was *unix I could simply open the device I want, read the sector I need, close the device, and stay with the sector on buffer. (fopen, fread, fclose) I need because I`m working in a way to easily modify my active partition (using GUI), so I can switch system without have to modify my boot sector code (install grub) So I need raw access to the MBR sector 0 (for who don`t know) to modify the booting bit (0x80) from offset 0x1BE to 0x1CE. I've got the sources in a kind of primary way, so if way one wanna take a look... mbr_reader.zip
  5. Acessar dispositivo de bloco windows

    Oi, eu sou um asno quando o termo é Windows, gostaria de saber como acessar um dispositivo de bloco no windows, estou acostumado a acessar dados em dispositivos abrindo o dispositivo que quero como um arquivo (normal). mas instalei o cygwin esperando fazer o mesmo no W32, mas não tem nenhuma estrutura de dispositivos no sistema de arquivo. alguém sabe algo da API do widows pro meu caso... Usuario, programado de sistemas unix (não so GNU/Linux mas outros *BSD e OSX)
  6. Advice on my selected hardware

    You`r welcome. Just a tip take a look at the osx86 wiki HCL for the version you pretend install, if your board is really compatible. You probably already did it, but it`s a matter of formality, and for other who are seen this post is always good to know. VGA: use the ATI radeon X1800 it`s great and fully compatible (just small patching)
  7. Installation problem...

    Which disk controller you`ve got? What`s your laptop or mobo model? For me it seams that your disk controller is fully compatible, It happened me with Darwin 8.0.1 on a Asus a7n8x-e deluxe system.
  8. I do, when I build the entire system, and it`s working as no other. I fell loss and I erase it and start over again the compilation, planing, adjustments and configurations.
  9. Does any of those Registry "cleaners" work?

    Girl, what I know is that they don`t do nothing useful, they might destroy used information for instance. W32 Registry system is just a fancy way to store information that on a unix would be on"/etc" and "~/.*". And I think there is no quiet good reasons to erase those records, to erase just one in a while, for installation problems and startups, use regedit. Ah, and for startup use msconf (I think, don`t remember quiet well the name, could be msconfig)
  10. Advice on my selected hardware

    My recommendation, is what worked for me, I know that its not the best(Pentium 4). Though here I go: A Pentium 4 HT processor, which I think it`s enough and a D915GAG intel mobo... I chose this board `cause it`s almost a intel mac, everything worked out-off-the-box including hardware graphics acceleration, sound (just rear-out), sata.. I meant EVERYTHING. Take a look a my system at the screen shot section...
  11. About This Mac Screenshots

    My system Screen shot: A D915GAG box self custom-made for Mac OS X: The true is that Apple hardware is so expensive here in Brazil (aka. Twice the price) (Brazil high taxes) MacBook (White/13.3""TFT/1.83GHz/512MB/60GB/Combo/iSight/Front Row and Apple Remote) English R$ 4.999,00 (its about 2500 dollars) and my box was as expensive as R$ 800 (of course I used parts from my old machines)
  12. Is your hackintosh your primary machine?

    Of corse it is!!! After all I'm tired of linux. I've already made thousands of distributions by myself. 'n I think move on is the best choice of learning a new system. Though I do not pretend to use non legal Mac OS X for ever I'm just gonna buy a Mac some near day. My Mac will of course be a PowerPC ( Risc instruction set architecture rocks )
  13. Linux Distributions

    At First I would fote for Ubuntu, but I remembered freeBSD wich is much more stable and belive or not I still prefer the BSD license fashion, cause you are free to close the code if you want. FSF may not like it, but I think freedom of software includes the freedom to close the source, don`t you think? But for first time user ubuntu is the easiest and most stable, it`s like OSX, but is also debian.
  14. Which one is the best disassembler?

    Does any one knows the best Disassembler that would disassable all the imports and the binary to nasm assembler (Intel) ready to assemble without the hole trash? after all I need it to be the best assembler syntax so that I can convert it to C and recompile with GCC. Does anyone have an Idea? Plataform FreeBSD 6.0 AMD Athlon XP
  15. -Archive- Macefix86 2006 -Archive-

    Just 'Cause I'm planing to use a futer version of it to run Leopard on my AMD64 Machine Are you planing to port it to x86_64? Thanks