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  1. Ugly UI In Leopard

    I find it far more distracting. The menu was a solid white bar in Tiger, now I find myself looking at a thin slice taken off the top of Jennifer Garner's head the whole time! The new window color is far too dark. Many, many apps now look stupid. And the aqua buttons, which I infinitely prefer to the grey ones, contrast far too much. They've taken it too far. I always wanted to lick OS X before, it looked so lush and watery. Now it's just dull and dirty looking. Big thumbs up to unified interface. Big thumbs down to dark dirty looking windows.
  2. 9a466 as main OS

    I've been using it as my main system for a few weeks now and haven't needed to swap back yet. I probably would have if Spaces hadn't become such an integral part of my workflow. I find it to be generally pretty stable, but have to reboot at least once a day (as opposed to, well, when new updates came out in final release 10.4). I do find it to be very slow, though. General usage is fine, but as soon as one processor intensive task starts, such as unraring a big archive, the rest of the system slows to a crawl. My MacBook Pro would handle far, far more than this without batting an eyelid on 10.4. There are lots of bugs, but few that really bother me. The new dock is quite touchy, though. I keep dragging things off it by mistake. Never used to do that. I'm used to the transparent menubar now, but I can't say I'd miss it if it went back to a solid colour. Should definitely be an option in Finder preferences. New Finder is good, but I don't like the way it handles media files. When using column view you can preview a video in the end column, but you don't get controls, so no skipping through it. Sure, there's Quickview, but needs a whole new Window. I find neither Quickview nor Coverflow in Finder have had much use from me, but I expect that'll change over time. Old habit die hard, I guess. On a big plus, Mail now filters out almost all spam, including those annoying image ones. On 10.4 I'd get about 1000 a day, and Mail would catch about 990 of them. Mail now catches all 1000 most days, and only the odd one or two slip through on occasion. If I wasn't invested in using this now I'd definitely roll back to 10.4, but the point of no return has passed for me. I recommend installing on a seperate drive first.
  3. 9A466 App Compatibility

    I found that this was happening to me too, but only because no smilies collection was set to be used. A quick trip into Preferences fixed this issue for me! Clicking on a smiley, though, doesn't seem to revert it to the text (and another click back to the image) like it used to, though.
  4. 9A466 App Compatibility

    I get that on every web page, and the toolbar looks awful, especially the divider between the address box and the search box. The colour of the toolbar and the bookmark bar also badly clash. Cararra Pro 5
  5. Parallels in leopard

    I've actually tried VMWare now, and it seems to work just fine. I'm not sure if I'll bother reinstalling Parallels. Doesn't seem to be a need.
  6. 9A466 App Compatibility

    Camino is turning out too buggy to use
  7. 9A466 App Compatibility

    Adium Launchbar Camino CaminoKnight Unison SerialSeeker MacPAR deluxe BatChmod LiquidCD VLC NicePlayer All seem to be working okay so far. Some slightly weird iissues with Camino, but hopefully nothing too drastic.
  8. 9A466 App Compatibility

    How many connections were you using? I get a max of 120KB/s per connection, so I just open 8
  9. 9A466 App Compatibility

    Thanks for the lists! I don't get why people use SimplyRAR instead of RarMe, though
  10. 9A466 App Compatibility

    I just used the menu in the reply toolbar
  11. Resolution Independence

    I wouldn't get your hopes up about resolution dependence getting you more screen real estate. It's more designed for making things on BIG screens look BIGGER. The idea is that interface items don't turn into pinpricks on displays with increasingly high resolutions. It's possible that it will allow us to cram more onto our screens by shrinking the interface, but that's not really the main point of it.
  12. I've finally got time to download Leopard (coming in at a steady 840KB/s as I type this). I need to decide if I run it as my main system or if it gets installed on my iPod like the last build I downloaded did. I can handle it being unstable or it being buggy, but if any of my must-have apps don't work then I'll not be able to take it on full time. So, which apps have you tried? Which apps work and don't work? The ones I rely on for everyday use are: LaunchBar (don't tell me to use Quicksilver, LaunchBar does what I want far better) VLC and/or NicePlayer with Perian Adium Unison Photoshop CS3 Camino Phoenix Slides LiquidCD and Toast UnRarX MacPAR Deluxe Caffine Parallels (though it wouldn't kill me to use VMWare or Boot Camp instead) So, tell us what works and doesn't! I'd like to request that people put working apps in green and non-working apps in red! Thanks for your time!
  13. Parallels in leopard

    VMWare's latest beta has experimental Leopard support.
  14. Leopard Beta

    Nah, if it's legit Colonel will have to lock the thread before he can say another word.
  15. Leopard Beta

    I heard that the samaritan mentioned a few posts back got an invite to Oink instead, so keep your eyes peeled.