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    WN111 v2 WORKS!

    Thanks! Works great on my G5 Xerve 1,1 with the WN111 V2 running 10.5.8. The utility would not install on my XW8400 with 64bit SL. http://www.zyxel.com/support/download-search.shtml?mci_country=gb&mci_lang=en&product=20080418095338&mtype=Driver&keyword=&submit=Submit NWD271N_1.0.0(ForMACOS).zip
  2. I have looked at the help page and every time I try to add my machine to the HCL I quit before I even type anything. I see what I type and it looks nothing like the layout example shown on the help page, so even though I have built many laptop and desktops that are not listed on any of the HCL pages, I am reluctant to list mine because I don't want to screw up the page or get banned from the site for messing up. Why does posting hardware have to be such a complicated task? Can't the page be set up like other sites with fields one can just fill in instead of using HTML website building skills just to post a few lines? Other than this I believe this is the best site for help and tutorials and have enjoyed it much over the last 4 years. Thanks
  3. Macduzzit

    Toshiba Satellite pro A300 x3100 issue

    John, did you download and install Champlist or Lizard? I was able to get my Dell 1420 X3100 to run all resolutions natively just by setting "GraphisEnabler=Yes" in the settings of champlist. Try booting with F8 option and type in just like I did and it will set up your graphics on that boot up (hopefully). I had done a 10.6.3 vanilla install. Was never able to update from6.3 to 6.8. All combo updates gave me a "failed before they would run. Never had that problem on any hack I've done and never did find a workaround. Anywho try what I said and see how it goes. edit...are you sure you have a X3100 and not an X4500? Just checking
  4. Macduzzit

    [SOLVED] VoodooBattery = Kernel Panic?

    Finally a solid solution for my Inspiron 1420! A million thanks User1690 and any Guru's involved in tweaking this kext. This should be made available on the kext sites!
  5. fpdesigner, I have been running SL and Lion for about 6 months on my XW8400. Used retail method. Had many (in the 100's) failed attempts until I installed a MATCHED pair of 5160's, kept getting "expected 2 cores but found only 1 " error on mismatched spec 5160's. Only issues are no wake from sleep even after trying compiled DSDT under SL and Lion, no sound under Lion but great under SL with VooDoo kext's (not sure which ver. at the moment), but I'm not too keen on playing with DSDT's yet. I am sure a knowledgeable person could get sleep working. Also the Quadro 3500 was being a PITA so I swapped it out for a 9600 GT OC 512. Also running an SIL3112 for SATA DVD as the onboard SATA under OSX did not show up and I have 2 IDE drives hooked to the onboard IDE. Let me know what I can help with and I'll do my best.
  6. Macduzzit

    HP XW8600 ?

    Success! Changed the Xeon's to a matched pair of 5160's and instant boot. The pair that were in there when I bought the XW8400 were os different stepping and OSX did not like it. Updated to 10.6.8.. Had DSDT working but broke it so almost there. Happy Holidays!
  7. Macduzzit

    HP XW8600 ?

    Kept getting a "no dependencies" on nullcpupowermanagement and fakesmc, so I removed them both and this thing still boots and runs no different. Thought the null was required to boot osx86?
  8. Macduzzit

    HP XW8600 ?

    Same...10.6.3 retail KP crash smash. No boot loader will run on this unique XW8400. Must be a rare custom made version XW8400 since I am the only one that cannot boot a OSX installer of any kind/version! Unbelievable.
  9. Macduzzit

    HP XW8600 ?

    I am trying to get 10.6 installed on my XW8400. Been using the 10.6 retail but no joy using every boot CD available. Every attempt I get a KP "was expecting 2 cores but only found 1 for CPU1". I have 2x Xeon 5160's but different stepping. Do they need to be matched pair? I was able to get one distro to install 10.5.6, and 10.6.2 installs but KP at boot with the same message. I reallyy want SL, lion attempts give the same KP also. Under 10.5.6 ASP shows 2 CPUS but only 3 cores. Tried using DSDT but made no difference. Any ideas? I can boot from SAS and SATA no problem under 10.5.6, all drive recognized. Just have to set IDE mode as priority in the BIOS. Thanks
  10. See here be's the big problem. All the boot discs have iMacs SMBIOS.plist bring to boot a computer with the same SMBIOS as a MacPro1,1. Booting a 2CPU 4 core computer using the tables from a 4 CPU 12 core computer is NEVER going to happen, which is the reason all the boot discs I've tried fail. They all have the SMBIOS from an iMac 8,1 or higher, MacPro3,1 or higher, so that IS causing a KP before anything even loads! I have 15 boot discs, 12 "hacked" discs, and the only disc that will boot is iPC 10.5.6. Also any boot disc using Chameleon will not boot, and installing any version of Chameleon to iPC 10.5.6 on the HD causes it to no longer be bootable no matter what I do after installing it. Using DSDTSE to build a DSDT has no positive effect either. There has to be something wrong with one of the 5160's that is only picked up under OSX 10.6, since 10.5 and win doze 7 boot fine. This XW8400 is just not worth spending any more time on. I'll be taking it to the local fire tower and "crashing" it on video. At least I'll get some use and satisfaction out of it! Thanks Mac Framework successfully initialized using 16384 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers panic(cpu0 caller 0x293dc7): "Should have 2 cores, but only found 1 for Die 1"@/SourceCache/xnu-1456.1.25/osfmk/i386/cpu_threads.c1108 Debugger called: <panic> Backtrace (CPU 0), Frame : Return Addrress (4 potential args on stack) balh blah blah Kernel Extensions in backtrace (with dependencies): com.apple.driver.AppleACPIPlatform(1.3)@0x551b3000->0x551f3fff dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOACPIFamily(1.3.0)@0x54f21000 dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOPCIFamily(2.6)@0x55113000 blah blah blah System model name: MacPro4,1 System Uptime blah blah blah The only thing that changes regardless of boot flags, is when I use a different boot disk. Instead of "System Model Name" being "MacPro4,1" it will change to iMac8,1 , 11,1 , or MacPro3,1. Everything else is always identical in the KP. I am convinced that CPU0 has a bad core, that also explains 10.5.6 showing 2 CPUS but only 3 cores as well.
  11. I have literally spent over 200 hours trying to boot installer discs on my XW8400. It has dual Xeon 5160 CPUs, 4GB matched ram. I am only able to boot successfully on a particular 10.5.6 disk, but no other. Every attempt throws a KP instantly with the following..."was expecting 2 cores but found only 1 for die1" The dsdt extracted under 10.5.6 shows 4 CPUS, starting with CPU1. Upon boot under 10.5.6 I see "CPU6, CPU0, CPU7, CPU1, CPU8, CPU9, CPU10". It also show 3 CPUS on boot saying "not synchronizing" for each one, the first 2 say -296, the 3rd says 251 or some similar positive #. ASP saYs 2 CPUS, 3cores under 10.5.6. Booting from USB I get "no system disk" after 1st boot, then I have to reinstall 10.5.6 again to be able to boot. Putting a DSDT in the installer never changes anything. I have set every combination in the BIOS several times but nothing changes the KP. Many people "claim" to have put 10.6 and 10.7 retail on these HP's but I sincerely doubt they are telling the truth. They claim to have used "my hack", [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url]", and many of the popular methods but all I have tried give the same KP with no solution I have found. I have read every intense of XW8400 on the entire internet and found no solution to this KP, only saw a couple other posts on the entire net with the sam KP, some were on PPC macs! Making booting more difficult is only one USB device can be plugged in at any given time before booting or it results in a "non system disk " error! Very frustrating. I have never spent so much time with so little progress in 6 years of installing OSX86. Should the SMBIOS be set for a "quad core" Xeon? All the SMBIOS.plist I have looked at on this machine show "1281" which is clearly wrong for the 5160 CPUS. I don't know how to create a workaround to get this thing to boot to an installer for 10.6 or 10.7. Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks EDIT: Also noted one CPU is an 80 type and the other is a 65 type. Would that make a difference? It boots and runs under windows 7 with no problems, I would think it would run ok under OSX as well but who knows. I have no experience with dual CPU setups and none of Xeons either.
  12. Macduzzit

    "new user" post/reply

    Forgot...I have 8 drives in my case, one s for Windoze {censored} and the rest are backup OSX builds "just in case", so yes I do dual boot. I wiped a spare 160GB drive and have been playing with that to see what may be the solution and so far no luck getting it to boot a fresh install. In the process I broke my USB install setup so I have to redo that. Tried "boot-132" method but Chameleon blocks me from using that method of install. Interestingly when I use the "Macloader 0.4" method it complains of no i386 folder during step 3 of post install, whatever that is for. Just for the knowledge I did try setting up Macloader "NOT" in the EFI partition and it was never bootable, but as soon as I set it up in the EFI partition it booted fine. From what I've experienced a copy of Macloader MUST be kept on the desktop in order to remain bootable which is also weird since I thought the EFI partition should be handling all the added kexts, etc. I have come to the contusion that using Macloader may be great for a quick install, it leaves lots to be desired long term when trying to update. Oh well, thanks again for the help.
  13. Macduzzit

    "new user" post/reply

    Well that which you have said might be my problem. I like a newbie dumbass formatted my drive for Snow Leopard as GUID and have NO MBR partition to install anything to. I was under the delusion that SL could only be installed to GUID drives. But then again my drives running Leopard formatted with MBR will not install a new version of Chameleon either. I give up, for the time wasted I could have built literally 1000's of Hackintoshes. One thing I do notice is almost everyone that writes to these forums is running an X58 MoBo so that may be my solution. Seems nobody is running the old hardware like mine. Well thanks for the help anyway.
  14. Macduzzit

    "new user" post/reply

    NOTE TO SELF...another 12 hours thrown at Chameleon never installed. I did however succeed in destroying my system and being forced into re-installing 2 more times from backup! Read 500 more posts on "manual install method" and again none work! Still running Chameleon-2.0-RC4-r684-bin from original install years ago. I believe the best/easiest way to install a new version of Chameleon is to just install a whole new system from scratch, so far that has always worked without wasting 1000's of hours reading every post mentioning Chameleon. I can't believe it is this hard to install a bootloader, when a new board with all new hardware only takes 1 day of work to get it set up and system installed working 100%. There are so many versions of every new version of Chameleon and so many methods for installing it, I am not surprised at all the pages wasted on this topic/subject. Also since I am the only one having this trouble it must just be my unique hardware/build causing all the issues with Chameleon. Strange.
  15. Macduzzit

    "new user" post/reply

    Hi, as a "new" member I am forced to post a new topic instead of replying to topics already in forums..so here goes. I have been trying for months...err years to update Chameleon on my hackintoshes, NEVER works wether I use manual, installers, or any method I've read after 1000's of hours researching. The installer runs, exits with "Installation was successful" but when I reboot I am at the 2008 version still. All my builds use the "Macloader 0.4" "vanilla"method. My EFI partition has an empty "Extra" folder except for "com.apple.boot.plist, DSDT, SMBIOS, Extensions.mkext. I have tried everything. Right now my 10.6.6 system runs/boots flawless, but I would like to update Chameleon and get out of the stone ages. In my "Macloader folder there is none of the stuff thats supposed to be in there, like com/apple.boot.plist, etc. the DSDT.aml is the original date of install, never updates. Anyone use Macloader to do installs that can explain where all the missing stuff is and how I am able to still boot this hackintosh without all the necessary stuff, I would greatly appreciate some help.