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  1. I fixed the SONIX installer - two of the scripts in the package need to be tweaked. Don't know why they wrote them this way, but they start with #!bin/sh instead of what they should be: #!/bin/sh Just change that at the top of two scripts in the installer package. The scripts are in Contents/Resources, and are called preflight and postflight. That got the installer working for me. However, the driver (configured as described in this thread for my VX-6000) works at first but crashes any app using video when the app stops using the camera. Maybe it just isn't Snow Leopard compatible? Anyone else experience this? Here's the error it puts in the system log: WebCam Monitor[11509] CFDictionaryReplaceValue(): immutable collection 0x349fc0 given to mutating function Also, don't know if it makes any difference, but I opened it up and the controller chip in my cam is not the sn9c201, but the sn9c202.