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  1. Managed to have the connection. The ad-hoc network is shown on the "Devices" section on the iPhone. However the internet sharing is not working because the iPhone cannot go to the internet. UPDATE: I noticed ifconfig reports the dongle as ethernet en4, not sure if OSX Internet Sharing is looking for a specific name?
  2. With D-Link DWA-140 preferences pane provided by rodrigocunha (OP this thread), I managed to create one ad-hoc wifi and it shows in iPhone, unfortunately during my troubleshooting the internet sharing, I deleted the profile, then I cannot create a working ad-hoc profile anymore. In case anyone what to try : DWA-140WirelessUtility_PrefPane.zip or get the post #1
  3. Thanks for providing this driver. I have installed the driver and the dongle works on Mojave 10.14, I can connect to the router. This computer has an ethernet connection, I want to share it via wifi, however I don't see the options to create the adhoc network. Is it possible to achieve this with the driver? Any idea what I missed?
  4. Do you guts have CPU power management works? The HWMonitor that I use (even upgraded to Slice's versionn 3) always shows 1608MHz. Before, in HighSierra it fluctuates up and down. I am not sure if the CPUPM that doen't work or the HWMonitor that having probleme. UPDATE: I read on the other forum, it is because the CPU is not recognized by OS X 10.14 (not on the supported CPU List), and the poster mentioned NullCPUPowerManagement.kext as remedy. But, don't NullCPUPowerManagement.kext disables the PM all the way? UPDATE 2: I updated FakeSMC.kext from 3.5.0 to 3.5.1, the CPU frequency is fluctuated again, so I guess problem solved
  5. Dziękuję Ci Emilo :) I downloaded the latest release version of the 2 kexts, and put it on EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other Rremoved the old Lilu.kext from /Library/Extensions and do sudo kextcache -i / After reboot, the audio works
  6. Hi, Anyone with this board has updated to OSX Mojave 10.14? I upgrade mine and could not have the audio activated. I tried with Toleda scripts but hasn't succeeded.
  7. aikidoka25

    Firmware update required macpro5,1

    Hi kjp4756, Did you manage to solve the problem? I have the same situation, SMBIOS ProductName is MacPro5,1. Clover build 4700. UPDATE: Managed to install with iMac14,1 and deleting BIOS and Firmware information suggested above.
  8. aikidoka25

    USB 3.1 PCIE Card

    I installed a USB 3.1 PCIE card (Orico PA31-AC) into my unit (High Sierra 10.13.2 on a GA-EX58-UD5) and got it working out of the box after I removed GenericUSBXHCI.kext from Clover. But now I have the issues with waking up the machine from sleep: 1. Wakeup from sleep using the keyboard: a. now I have to press 2 times to wake up the machine, if only 1 press will wakeup the machine but the screen stays dark and then back to sleep again. But I lost bluetooth connection (it is a USB dongle), until I plug and unplug it again. b. if I press 1 time and then click on the trackpad (Apple Magic Trackpad), everything works without any further interruption. c. with GenericUSBXHCI.kext I didn't have issues a and b above, but the USB 3.1 is not displayed at all on System Information and it doesn't work. 2. Resuming from sleep, any drives connected to the USB 3 will disconnected and get that "unproper disconnect message", either for bus powered drive or drive with external power. My aim is to have issue 1a above solved. Any suggestion where should I look? Screenshots: Attached: config.plist.zip DSDT.aml.zip
  9. Upgraded my machine yesterday, the only post installation I had done is to rerun Toleda's script to fix the audio. Also edited Clover config to MacPro6,1 to enable night shift. Somehow I feel this version is snappier than before.
  10. aikidoka25

    FCPX 3D TEXT Not Working with Nvidia Web Driver

    maybe related, OSX iBooks also doesn't work with nVidia driver, a transparent page is shown instead.
  11. Updated my machine from 6x2GB Corsair XMS3 to 6x8GB Corsair XMS3, all 48GB detected in BIOS, Windows7, Clover 3763 and macOS 10.12.2. Clover 3763 has a bug when I mixed 2GB and 8GB, slot 6 is not detected automatically in macOS and I had to explicitly define the memory in config.plist. However with this defined, "About This Mac" crashed and the memory is not shown in "System Information" > "Memory" The problem is resolved when all the slots are using memory with the same capacity.
  12. Problem solved by using Toleda's audio_cloverALC-120_v1.0b0.command No more weird layout-id 0. Using layout-id 1 now.
  13. Mine is Logitech HD Webcam 270, connected to a USB2 port. Did you try it with Siri after resume from sleep? I just tried and it works this time, so it is intermittent, I need to check some of the USB parameters in Clover which I saw you have it but I don't. When it didn't work, the device is still listed in System Information and System Preferences, only it doesn't responding. I notice also there was a lag on System Preferences that time.
  14. I agree. It is like installing another tire when you have a flat tire. So I managed to repair the audio using the toleda audio_cloverALC-120_v1.0b0.command It is not truly vanilla, but at least I don't have to use weird id 0 as before, and the USB mic for Siri seems stable. Merci bcp @ROBASFR UPDATE: It seems the Logitech USB webcam (don't remember the model) microphone is not responding after resuming the system from sleep. I just found out this morning, the speaker is still functioning Need more investigation on this. But I am quite happy with the sound output works 100%,
  15. What is the codec you choose? I remember GA-EX59-UD5 is 889 so I choose that then on the second prompt I choose 885. After that for the layout ID I only have 5, 7 or 9 to select. I tried with 7 and inject 1, it doesn't work, neither if Inject 7.