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  1. Use GraphicsEnabler=YES with Chameleon 2 RC3 not the chameleon that came in the authors SL-resource pack. Then you can do it yourself.
  2. rapidshare.de

    Typos? Doubtful. After all I am just clicking on links supplied within this forum. it would seem odd to me that everyone adding the links made the same typos. Also, Netkas.org uses pedo-share.de as well so Its not just here. If I use safari, google chrome or firefox I cannot access the files at all. Just get popups of kiddy porn. I have to use EI5 on my laptop and even then its a fight with the reload button. I propose a ban on rapidshare.de aka pedoshare.
  3. rapidshare.de

    I dont mean to gripe but I have to ask this question. Since I got involved in the hackintosh scene there are but three resources out there. 1 this site, 2 netkas.org and 3 osx86 wiki. What I cant seem to understand is the persistent use of rapidshare.de for the sharing of drivers and like information. Every time I try and get a file from rapidshare it pushes me off to some kiddy porn popup and blocks my download! Am i the only one out there to notice this insanity? The persistence of which the people sharing these drivers to use rapidshare.de seems insane to me. I know Im not the only one to have difficulty with this. Can some one tell me why oh why does the core hackintosh development community insist on using the pedo-share.de site?! Thanks! bye
  4. If you followed the first post in this guide and deleted the appleHDA.kext youll need to restore it if you are going to use the ad2000b kext. Also if memory serves, the_kings archive had more than one kext in it, make sure you use both. Once i restored the appleHDA kext my sound popped on without a reboot. Good luck. Asus p6t deluxe v2 6gb ddr3 evga gtx 285 1gb ddr3 2x WD 10000 rpm SATA plextor sata dvd burner Scott, thank you for the suggestion. The I found that using the GraphicsEnabler=YES switch in with the version of chameleon that was provided in the SL-resource pack from the author of this post did not like my video card. I installed the latest version of chameleon v2 rc3 and have now got graphics. thanks again for your replies!
  5. HI karterilla, I have an identical setup as you but my evga gtx 285 is 1gb. Can you tell me how you got your efi string and how you installed it? right now my hackintosh boots through all the kernal stuff but then my monitor screen goes black. ive tried booting with -x -v Thank you!