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  1. Snow Leopard on Toshiba L500

    I have the same laptop.It can be done but there are lots of issues,the 2 main ones are unsupported graphics card and wireless card.So no QE and no wireless.An alternative is to install Snow Leopard on VirtualBox.This is what I use,it works great,if there is something Snow Leopard can't do Window 7 is right there.For me it's much better to have a 100% working laptop with a combination of 2 OS's than to have a crippled Hackintosh! Windows + VirtualBox = MAC OS the last few pages have the most up to date stuff
  2. A Private Message I received today

    Interesting thread you've got going here!I was thinking if this could be the homepage. Then users would get fast answers and there wouldn't be that much work involved. LOL
  3. I have basically the same setup as you and was never able to get the resolution to change to 1366x768 either.Hopefully I'm wrong but I think you can only use the resolutions supported by both virtualbox and the host.An example would be,even tho virtualbox supports 1280x800 our laptops don't so we can't get that resolution.(someone prove me wrong please) The best workaround I have come up with is to remove the menu bar and status bar from the virtualbox window. http://maketecheasier.com/hide-menu-bar-st...lbox/2010/06/08 This gives me a window almost the same size as I would get if I was running in fullscreen mode,the benefit to this is I still get easy access to Windows 7 when I need it,rather than having 2 strips of wasted space when you are in fullscreen mode. Hopefully I'm wrong and someone has a better solution
  4. You seem to be combining things that don't go together.Netbook Maker is supposed to be used with a Retail Snow Leopard disc,Mach_Kernel 10.2 is also for Snow Leopard,iAkos v7 is only Leopard. So either get a Retail install disc and redo your Netbook maker usb stick(you will need an 8gb stick) or download iAtkos s3 v2 and use it.(simply choose Atom kernel during install) I think you could also use iAkos v7 if you choose Voodoo kernel at install
  5. Resize application

    I think you are looking for this.I use it all the time on my netbook running Snow Leopard http://www.mydellmini.com/forum/faqs-how-t...solution-7.html
  6. AHCI confusion on 10.6.2

    Did you try enabling AHCI after the install.I had this happen to me using Hazzard and a Toshiba laptop(L300).It would only install with AHCI disabled but booted fine after re-enabling
  7. 10.6.4 Snow Leopard SMB Issue

    Try using the ip address instead of the name.A quick way to find all the ip addresses on your network is to scan with WakeOnLan http://www.readpixel.com/wakeonlan/index.html
  8. Windows + VirtualBox = MAC OS

    I finally got the Windows network to show up in the Finder sidebar. On the Windows 7 host go to Network and Sharing Center then to Change adapter settings. Now highlight VirtualBox Host-Only Network and whatever connection you use for Windows(in my case Wireless Network Connection). Next right click to bring up the context menu and select Bridge Connection,follow the prompts and your done. Start Snow Leopard and you should see something like this in finder!
  9. AAO D250/em250 battery time icon

    i guess put it back in,i have mine out but i'm running snow leopard,i forgot you were on leopard,maybe have a look at some of the Acer one a150 threads its basically the same hardware just different processors, a lot of the kexts will work and have a look at these. [how to] 10.5.8 install on an Acer Aspire One D250 w/ iAtkos v7 and AppleACPIBatteryManager for Tiger and Leopard, (UPDATE: 10/25/2008) Showing battery meter on your notebook I must have just got lucky on my install,i don't remember having to many issues,sorry i'm not much help.
  10. AAO D250/em250 battery time icon

    I would take out Applehda kext first.You have 2 battery icons now?Try cleaning the system cache
  11. AAO D250/em250 battery time icon

    Ok i see now.In your extra/extensions folder do you have either AppleACPIBatteryManager kext or VoodooBattery kext.Either one should work,I've used them both in the past.I also use the VoodooPowerMini kext. As for sound I'm using Voodoohda 261 which gives me headphones and microphone the only issue is you have to adjust the setting in the preference pane. Instead of sleep I just use InsmniaX which lets me close the lid with no ill affects I almost forgot,did wireless work out for you?
  12. AAO D250/em250 battery time icon

    do you mean when you click on it or just in the icon itself ?
  13. I found a cool free app that autohides the top menubar and the dock when a specified app is launched.Basically opening it up it in full screen mode,great for getting a few more pixels out of a small screen http://www.cynosurex.com/Software/MagicMenu/
  14. I'm currently running Snow Leopard 10.6.4 in VirtualBox as a guest os with a Windows 7 Ultimate host
  15. try iconvert@:http://iconverticons.com/.Any icon format to any other icon format.Sometimes it only converts to .png then you have to convert that one