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  1. Euphonix MC Mix Logic 9 Error

    Sorry to bump but anything new on this? Thinking about getting one.
  2. iLok problem

    Same here. No suggestions? It's not a huge deal as my plugins work ( I dont have waves) ... more of an irritation. Is this just with ilok? Anybody here with syncrosoft having the same issue?
  3. Ok so 4 reinstalls later.... It's actually not from shut down. It is after a restart. And the program VE Pro is the culprit. Somebody over at another forum found out the program changes the default value of launchd.conf to 2000000. Trying to change it to 20000 but I'm getting permission denied. I'm the admin and I've repaired permissions so not sure what else to do. Will google some more, but anyone reading this has a suggestion.... That would be great. EDIT got it, sudo is my best friend. It worked. Everything is running quick again. I officially have daw hackintosh.
  4. I installed iAtkos v7 with kernel 9.7.0. Everything worked right away. The system was pretty speedy... mounting dmgs, installing programs, restarts. I turn the computer on the next day and to my surprise it's taking longer to load the desktop. 3-4 times longer to mount dmg files. As I'm installing a program, the part where installer asks you for your password would take 10 seconds to pop up. Where as before it would take 1. I found out that whatever the rogue program is... it doesn't take effect until the computer has been shut down. Through the course of installing progs there were many restarts. But the computer didn't exhibit this behavior until it was shut down. I thought it was ntfs-3g at first so I uninstalled it. Nope. That's not it. So I reinstalled Leopard again. This time I would install a program. Shut down. Turn on. See if it's slow. I did this one by one until I installed Vienna Ensemble Pro. (I'm testing this OSX install as a DAW box) For those unfamiliar... VE Pro is a network host for VST, AU plugins and virtual instruments. You would instantiate this into say Pro Tools .. then a slave computer running the server version will be able recieve MIDI and transfer audio via ethernet into Pro Tools. Now I've had this whole system installed and running and have had no crashes. Minor glitches with VE Pro dropping out audio in Pro Tools but I think it's because it's in the early versions. What I don't understand is why would installing this program slow OSX down? I've uninstalled it, removed the.pkg from receipts with no luck. Any thoughts? Brainstorm? System spec: Gigabyte GA P35 DS3L rev2 Q6600 Gskill DDR2 800 4gigs Not dual booting. Each OS on its own HD Oh, one thing to consider.. when I did the first install of iAtkos, I chose the 9.5.0 kernel. VE Pro wouldn't install because it thought it wasn't on a 10.5.7 Leopard system. So I upgrade to 10.5.8 and VE Pro was then able to install, but I lost USB/Firewire auto mount... so I didn't pay attention to Leopards speed. It was the initital installation... I wasn't taking note of anything really because I was so happy that OSX actually installed. So I reinstalled with 9.7.0 and VE Pro recognized the system as 10.5.7. I am now trying to install the 1st version (There's a total of 2) of VE Pro and see if that changes anything. If that doesn't, I will update to 10.5.8. THanks for reading