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  1. I used the kext linked and I had the same problem. Reboot in single user mode and remove the kexts as explained in one of these tutorials and then install the package with the natit. I didn't get this to work until I tried that package and have been fine since. I also figured out how to get the trackpad to work (tap to click and scrolling), you need to copy the keyboard.prefpane into a directory in system/library/ but the exact name escapes me at the moment. If you google it you will find it easily. If you want I can post the link to the files that I used to get the resolution working right, but im 99% sure they were already posted in this thread. Hope that helps!
  2. I know this is an old thread.... I just installed everything on my Aspire one A0A150 and the latest updated tutorial kexts for the display don't seem to work. After installing the kexts with OSX86tools, and then the second package I rebooted with the -f flag. Upon reboot, I had a cursor and the screen went from light blue, to dark blue to grey and stopped doing anything. I could move the mouse but that was it. Does anyone have a working kext for display? Or should I try Paul's wind files? I removed them in single user mode in order to get my display back for the time being. Any help would be awesome, I wouldn't have gotten this far without this thread as is