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  1. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    I have had some success on my Mini 311 with running a partition containing the original Windows XP together with another partition containing Snow Leopard. Both partitions are MBR-type (I originally installed the OSX on another drive's GUID partition and then cloned it over to the internal drive's MBR partition). Wireless works with the USB N-card recommended by LightsOut565. Bluetooth seems a little flaky, but I can live with that. So far so good. The problem is that I have spent I don't know how many countless hours trying to get a dual boot working properly. I've tried Chameleon (RC2 and RC3) (boots XP but OSX gets kernel panic), EasyBCD (fails to find BCD store), and a setup using boot.ini in the XP root together with IELDR and "chameleon_2.0RC1_r431_bootiso" (just restarts the computer). To date the only way I can get to both OS's is to boot the Mini 311 directly to Chameleon and launch XP to get Windows, or boot the original Snow Leopard Install USB stick (made with NetbookMaker) to boot into Snow Leopard. Is there someone who has a successful dual boot system with XP and Snow Leopard? If so, would you please point me toward the mechanism that you have used and that you know works? Thanks a lot, and especially thanks to all the hard-working folks who have contributed their time and skill to this project. Wired4net
  2. HP Mini 311 - Project Thread (Part I - OLD)

    Thanks for that info. I did think the specs and the manual said that 320 was the maximum HD size, and I guess I assumed that Microsoft had forced HP to dictate that in the BIOS. But apparently you had no trouble just dropping in a 500gb drive? Does it work with your original XP and/or Windows 7? Thanks
  3. HP Mini 311 - Project Thread (Part I - OLD)

    Thanks, Lightsout565. I just ordered the product you suggested from monoprice. Just got my HP mini 311 day before yesterday, so I haven't tried Snow Leopard yet. (I do have it working on a Dell Inspiron 1510 laptop, though). May I just ask, did you need a driver from Realtek for it to work? If so, can you direct me? Thanks again, Wired4net