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  1. Hallo, Habe ein msi sind netbook und Hazard 10.6.6i installiert leider wird der gma Treiber nicht geladen und wenn ich einen speziellen netbook kext für die gma950 installiere kann ich zwar die Auflösung erhöhen, quartz extreme läuft aber immer noch nicht. Kann mir bitte jemand helfen, danke.
  2. Problems with ideneb Boot

    Hi After install of ideneb 10.5.7 Igor the Problem that ideneb stucks on booting witout Error Message. I did ahci Mode in BIOS and disabled Legacy USB Added acpi fix, nforce chipset with ahci fix, nforce Ethernet, quoopz Kernel, NVIDIA grafics Driver ist Audio Driver. On -v it Shows that the kernal was loaded and nothing more happened. Can someone help me? System AMD Athlon x2 64 5200+ 2gb RAM nforce 9ma Board GeForce 9500 gt graficcard 2 80gb IDE harddiscs 1 SATA DVD burner please help i Need mac os ^^
  3. ok i did what you said. but there was no ide drives type in my bios settings so i diabled the ide busmaster but i had no luck the harddrives were not recognized. do you have any idea ? when i use S-ATA mode then i can start booting DVD but then i stops loading from DVD so i guess the efi cant handle the S-ATA Mode. The AHCI Mode works but on AHCI Mode IDE Drives dont work.
  4. why the audio is not usable i did ideneb before with leopard and there i could use onbord audio
  5. Hi, i tried many snow leopard osx86 distributions. But all of them do not recognize my ide controller. I guess its the Efi what the distributions use who cant use the ide controller. is there a command to run with ide support ? my system is nforce9m-a elitegroup board amd athlon 5200+ 2,70 GHz 2 GB DDR2 Ram Nvidia Geforce 9500GT 512 MB GDDR3 2 80 GB IDE Harddrives Seagate, Maxtor 1 DVD Bourner LG
  6. ok my systemconfiguration is nforce9m-a borad from elitegroup 2 GB DDR 2 Ram amd athlon 5200+ 2,70 GHz nvidia geforce 9500 GT graficcard 512 MB GDDR 3 2 IDE Harddrives 80GB 1 Sata DVD Burner from LG i hope that helps you XD is there a command to start installation with ide support ?
  7. i try your tutorial, i guess amd work with arch i386 but im not sure I tried installation but iatkos s3 v2 dont recognizes my ide drives ? do you know what i have to do that my ide drives are recognized ?
  8. iAtkos s3 V2 AMD?

    does it work with amd ?
  9. does iatkos s3 v2 work with amd athlon +5200 ?
  10. USB 2.0 for Leopard 10.5.7

    Hi i got a problem with an usb stick it removes itself after a while is there a fix i can install ? i cant writing a new topic so i would be pleases if someone can help me. im using the voodoo 9.5.0 kernel
  11. CardBus/PCMCIA PC Cards for Leopard

    why i can reply to a topic but not start a topic ?