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  1. No when I reinstalled the 2600XT worked properly with no pixelation, distortions, etc... Sleep still doesn't work. Did you use AppleSMBIOS.kext from the pc_efi_v80 package?
  2. I haven't looked much into the sleep problem yet...all I can say is that it will not come back out of sleep. I had a distorted screen (kinda looked like Space Invaders) when I first tried the 2600XT. After I wiped my progress and did a clean install everything worked peachy keen.
  3. Well I have got everything working except sleep. Doesn't matter to me...I will gladly pay the extra $100 a year in electricity (disable sleep) for Leopard. I purchased a Visiontek ATI 2600XT video card at Circuit City last night. It works perfectly with my dual monitor setup. The only problem is that DVI is currently not supported with the #radeonhd installer. Have any ideas about my sleeping problem? Thanks!
  4. Fantastic! The wireless N card I spoke of earlier is the Netgear RangeMax Next Wireless-N PCI Adapter. Model number WN311B. Strangely it shows up in Leopard as built-in ethernet, but works out of the box. I am going to try your install method after I emerge from the mountain of end of semester school work this weekend! Scratch that about the N card. Reception was very spotty along with dropped connections. Using PCI ethernet with tulip.kext instead.
  5. Hi Time Ed, please tell me sleep works on your installation method. If so, I will gladly destroy my Vista installation! Also, I have a wireless N card that works out of the box with Leopard. I will post the details when I get home from work this afternoon.
  6. Speech Recognition

    Thanks for your help. I was able to get it working perfectly by fetching those files/directories from the OSX install disk using Pacifist! Thank you very much!
  7. Speech Recognition

    Oops forgot to mention that it is not in system preferences. Either somehow I deleted it while getting everything else to work or it is not included in the stripped down version of the latest uphuck install. There is just a big blank space in system preferences where it should be.
  8. Speech Recognition

    Does anybody know how to install speech recognition? I have original OSX disks from my "real" Mac and Pacifist, but I have no clue where to look to install. I am using uphuck's OSX86 v1.4i. Thanks for your help!
  9. HP A6120N Installation Notes

    I am not quite sure what 10.4.10 distro I am using. I just used the first one I found on the bay and prayed for the best. I think it is Pascal or something if memory serves me correctly. I did install the ICH7 driver from uphuck's install. I am also not sure if it makes a difference...to be honest I am not quite sure what ICH7 is? Forgot to mention previously that sleep works on mine by momentarily pressing the power button (or waiting for the machine to sleep) and then pressing it again when you wish to wake the machine. Mouse clicking or keyboard tapping doesn't work on mine in regards to sleep/wake. To check for QE and CI just click the displays option under system profiler. If either is supported it will simply say QE: Supported or CI: Supported.
  10. HP A6120N Installation Notes

    I installed a cheap Network Everywhere NIC that I found at Wal-Mart (model no. NC100U-WM). It works like a champ with tulip.kext installed. I did update to 10.4.10, but only after reinstalling 10.4.9 and waiting to update the graphics, audio, etc extensions. Only after I installed 10.4.10 did I install Azalia, GMA 950 support, ICH7, etc. I used the 10.4.10 update for hackintosh found on the bay. I am currently using the onboard Intel GMA 950 for graphics. It's working like a champ as well with maximum resolution 1680x1050 on my monitor with core image and quartz extreme supported. I tried an ATI Radeon x1300 but I could never get the DVI port to work, only VGA. I also recently purchased a GeForce 5200 PCI card that had working DVI, but the resolutions given were {censored} after using Titan.kext and Natit. So I am sticking with the good 'ol GMA 950 for the time being. What card are you using? Don't think I can help much for virtualization. I have Windows Vista running on a seperate 168.55 GB partition and OSX running on a 204.5 GB partition. I boot using Darwin's bootloader and it works perfectly! (much to my surprise) Lastly, I managed to get sleep working beautfully last night. The problem was that console was spitting out some sort of problem with the USB root hub? Therefore the computer was actually sleeping and waking, but my USB keyboard and mouse were not functioning due to the hub problem. Oddly enough, my USB external drive and flash drive were still operating properly when I checked using my PS/2 mouse. So, to solve the problem I stuck a cheap 5 USB port PCI card in and plugged the non-functioning peripherals into it and they now work nicely when the computer wakes. There is about a 20-30 second delay before my monitor wakes though, which is sufficient for me. I haven't really looked into the SpeedStep problem yet, but please let me know if you find anything! One more thing, if you haven't all ready installed 4 GB of memory in your machine do, OSX practically flies!
  11. HP A6120N Installation Notes

    I have an HP A6113W with I believe to me the exact same specs as you listed. I also have the problem of SpeedStep crashing plus the remaining issues you have. To get sound working I installed azalia which is located on uphuck's install. One question did you get sleep working? I "almost" got close, but the monitor would only return to a solid blue screen. Also delete and reinstall/fix permissions on your graphics kexts and you "should" be able to gain your resolutions back.
  12. Works like a charm with uphuck's 10.4.9. v1.2 release! Thanks a whole bunch!
  13. I installed a new Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 5-Port PCI card (model F5U220) today. From what I have read it is suppose to function properly in OSX; however, only my USB mouse and keyboard work. All other USB items such as DVD burner and external hard drive are not usable (will not mount). Console is not reporting any issues. Strange thing is they are listed in System Profiler.The DVD burner and external hard drive both work perfectly using my Macbook and Mini. Is there something else I am missing for them to work in OSX86? This is the last problem I need to resolve to have a full functioning OSX86 system. Any help will be tremendously appreciated! Eric
  14. I took a chance and installed the new Airport Utility along with AirDisk utility that comes with the new Airport Extreme 802.11n. AirDisk will see my connected external hard drive, but will not accept my password at all. Every other official Mac in the house will connect via AirDisk. I am not sure where to even begin to look for this issue. Doesn't AirDisk operate off the Bonjour network? Other than this issue and the other minor issues I have mentioned before, this install works very smoothly on my PC. Thank you very much uphuck!
  15. After looking into my no USB problem a little more I noticed this error on boot (when USB is enabled through BIOS): USBF: 39.504 AppleUSBOHCI [0x29fa800]::UIMInitialize unable to get device memory Anybody know what is going on? Specs are: Intel® Celeron® D Processor 352 (3.20GHz, 533MHz FSB, 512KB L2 cache) Cedar Mill. Graphics card: Visiontek Xtasy Radeon 1300 PCIE. Thanks for your help! Eric