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  1. Disc NOT Booting!

  2. Just a quarter of the screen when I boot

    Im on a powerbook and dont have that issue.
  3. "the Complete Package"

    So do you have it working? Would like to know how to.
  4. Broke My Time Machine

    Mine never worked!
  5. Non-Working Software ?

    Dreamweaver Cyberduck Time Machine
  6. I know very intresting.
  7. Just a quarter of the screen when I boot

    That sucks which machine are you running?
  8. DVD Burner on Windows PC

    Did you download leopord on your mac?
  9. Xcode and Interface Builder

    I would say so but something is conflicting within the package itself.
  10. The Blue Screen

    I would suggest you dont even try it on your g3 its gonna be a waste of time.
  11. root activation in Leopard

    I thought when leopard boots it boots into Root user mode.
  12. Great news everyone

    I dont see why would you want to run such an advanced os in a very old machine.
  13. Leopard Compatibility

    Well its going pretty good over here, Only thing is TIme Machine is not working Dreamweaver crashes and i cant get cyberduck to even load.
  14. To run on normal DVD

    I dont think that would boot. I trid it and it did not. Search around the forums and you will find a bootable method.
  15. NetInfo Manager missing from Leopard.

    May i ask why you need net info manager on a beta install?