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  1. Dear arikstress, many thanks for your precious post! It proved very useful to me, since I finally managed to enable QE/CI on my nVidia card following your instructions, after many sleepless nights! Thank you for taking the time to post your guide!
  2. Hi everybody, I'm Luca from Italy! I'm new here, you really have a wonderful forum! I'd need a little help from you... I'm planning to build a Snow Leopard Hackintosh, and I'd like to know which is the OSX 10.6-compatible motherboard with the lowest price, as far as you know, since I have a very low budget for this project! - Gigabyte, Abit, Asus or other makes are all the same for me; - the format should be ATX; - integrated graphics would be appreciated, but they are not strictly necessary! Thank you so much for your precious help! P.S.: Should anyone need to know it, the cheapest OSX 10.6-compatible Micro-ATX MB at the moment should be Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L, which supports also OSX 10.6.1, AFAIK!