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    What did you expect? Where does it say "béta", to you? It's not a public release, it's intended for Developers, and, again, it's not even a béta. I understand your problems, and I am sure there are workarounds, but this OS is not intended to be stable, or to be run as a main OS even. I am not even sure if you see that you are running an illegally leaked pre-release version of the OS? This reminds me of another post I can't recall right now, stating that this 'release' is 'so unlike Apple'. No, it's not a release, it's not a béta. On your problems; please specify what, exactly, doesn't work and what your intended goal is. I can't really think of something now .
  2. UPnP

    No, but there are also no availible hacks / exploits for Bonjour (zeroconf), and a lot for UPnP. I think it will be more widely adopted in the near future, as Gnome uses Bonjour as well now (that is, a lot of Gnome applications for *NIX).
  3. Leopard Developer Preview Update

    Viriiman, it is on your install disc, you can always install it. But, beware, it's pretty big.
  4. Leopard Developer Preview Update

    Guys, to find the folders /Developer and /ADC Reference Library, you need to have the Xcode tools installed...
  5. UPnP

    Actually, Apple's implementation of said technique is Bonjour (zeroconf), not UPnP. So, unlikely.
  6. Perhaps XGL is what Apple is looking for.

    I think every major designer of interfaces today looks eagerly at XGL. It has tremendous possibilities, and really paves the road to the future (as said, using the GPU for graphics isn't such a bad idea ). I am quite sure people at the Apple R&D Department are wachting this as well. Perhaps Leopard will ship with modular Xorg, we shall see...
  7. Leopard Developer Preview Update

    Makes you wonder what Apple's intentions are. They don't seem awfully discontent of the leak, if they update everyone's leak pro bono. Ah, I am going to update and see what I can find.
  8. Mac Pro - no TPM

    Then, isn't it easier for someone to just ioreg | grep tpm the Mac Pro?
  9. This is not aqua, it doesn't have highlights. Not to whine, but it would look way better if you wouldn't use flat gradients and geometric shapes. Use paths and bend them to unconventional curves, and make irregular gradients with highlit lines on the most opaque areas. This really gives it a nice 'aqua' look. Kudo's for effort!
  10. A hi-res look at Leopard

    No, you forgot to watch the second video. That's a pretty big oversight. I show all of it's new features.
  11. Network?

    Idea: (this is brilliant, as it is really how TCP is designed, and it works on all platforms as well) 1. Give computer 1-4 IP adresses <> 2. Use CMD+K in Finder, use afp://10.1.1.x for server connections. This is essentialy stripped-down zero configuration networking. Take out the middle man, just configure this in all Network panes on the computers.
  12. My Review!

    Oh my god. Have you even read anything regarding this release? You are calling this unlike Apple. You are obviously not a developer, as all this release really features is many API's and new frameworks for developers to work with and prepare for Leopard. It's a preview, for Developers. Performance is not of interest, the features aren't even called 'béta' because they are in a pre-testing stage. Nothing is finished, the OS is due in 8 months. Spring 2007. This DVD isn't meant to be run as, say, a Tiger replacement to watch video's and IM. It's to compare, compile, code, execute, and test. Test, mostly. I think your 'review' is pointless as you are seeing this Developer Preview build of Leopard as a fully fledged OS, or a post-béta product. Please remember, you have obtained this by a not-so-legal method - and this is really not what Apple intended to be used like this. Please don't regard this comment as a flame, I just want to show you that the perspective you have on this DVD is wholly wrong.
  13. Can't find video effects for iChat

    After some deeper research, I believe iChat theater / Backdrops have not been inluded, but Video effects work, and we are trying to get Desktop Sharing to work if it works at all.
  14. "the Complete Package"

    No enabling, just doesn't work from time to time, and needs the above steps to 'poke' it to life. It's the only workaround I have found to killall'ing it and restarting the app with (if you say so :pirate2:) CMD + ESC. This is on a MBP, I have done a clean install.
  15. "the Complete Package"

    The shortcut, for me, is located under the Keyboard preferences, Keyboard Shortcuts tab, all the way down to the bottom. It's default is some weird icon + command (a circle with an arrow going to the upperleft corner). While the keyboard shortcut doesn't always work, you just open it a second time in Coreservices, and Force Quit the process in Activity Monitor. Strangely, it now starts. I am also trying to get Desktop Sharing to work in iChat, but it doesn't seem to work at all. Has anyone succeeded in not getting a greyed out cube? iChat me at 68695151 to test it all out.