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  1. Acer Laptop users (Intel).

    Hi Guys, This is my third attempt at experimenting with OSX on x86. ( we have more than one Mac & PC; the mac notebook moved on; trying to see if I could get a pc notebook going) Previously attempted with Koolkal & Uphuck versions, amongst other things. Could only get wifi with a retail purchased mac certified external dongle, that was bulky and cumbersome. Couple other things didn't work either. I gave up when the known to work Dell wifi card I bought didn't work in my Acer. Bus problem many have (had). Dell wifi card works fine in Vista. I have some revamped energy due to this guide: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=96552 Hardware: Notebook, Acer Aspire 5570z-2609 14"ws + Core Duo T2060 1.6 + 2 GB RAM + 80GB HDD + Graphics : GMA 950 + Sound: Audio Realtek HD (10EC 0883) - WiFi - Atheros AR5007 (168c 001c) --- Not working - (or) WiFi - Dell 1394 --- Not working - Ethernet - Marvell Yukom 88E8038 (11AB 4352) --- Not working ? PCMCIA In my current attempts I have used iAtkos v4i and v2i. I can complete the installation fine with either v2i or v4i, but when I get to step 3 in the guide [ http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=96552 ] I get a kernel panic with something ACPI in it. I have tried a dozen different installs, ranging from using the default two options, to ones with several selections ... doesn't seem to make a difference. Kernel Panic. When I post for help in the guide thread and the linked NIC thread [ http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=87592 ] ... they get buried instantly without responses. Poster of the guide couldn't help because he doesn't have his Acer any more. So, I am hoping one of the fellow Acer owners in this thread might be able to point me in the right direction as to how they solved this problem if they experienced it or how they avoided it. Thanks in advance. Swapping the card was easy in my Acer 5570z. No idea how much variation there is model to model and series to series. Hopefully somebody with the exact model can chime in. FYI. On mine it involves two screws to release the large cover in the center of the notebook (wifi card & memory access). It is a pressed in place cover (not a locking sliding one with tabs) so it is a bit scary to remove the cover with little nudges of bending & pulling carefully. Once the cover is removed you can pull two little antenna connecters out of the existing module. Unscrew two tiny screws. Remove old card. Install new card. Etc.
  2. Where could one find older versions of the file? I am following the guide for Acer 5570z and always get a Kernel Panic in step 3 after installing the current version of the IOPCIFamily that is posted. That is also independent of v2 or v4 atkos and default install or with other options chosen. Thanks.
  3. I could use some help or extra clarification about the options to pick. I tried it a couple times, but must be doing something wrong and/or misunderstanding something (which is vanilla?) and/or the setup files changed for v4i. I found iATKOS v4i For instance using - main system - darwin bootloader - Apple SMBios netkas - Remove thermal kexts - GMA 950 There was a continuous fast odd flickering happening that went to my head before I could pick the options and reach the desktop (thinking maybe it would resolve with reboot LOL) likely due to a GMA950 incompatible file. ----- Somewhere in the thread somebody said to just use default settings. Tried that. Completed the base installation. No flickering However right after point 3, installation of the IOPCIFamily file linked, when rebooting there is a kernel panic. ... unable to find this platform: \"ACPI\" ... IOPlatformExpert.cpp: ... Mac OS version: Not yet set. Kernel version: 9.4.0 I am confident I edited the right file and made the correct change ... but maybe the default two options aren't enough to support the additional tweaks? ----- Tried again with mentioned settings in first post, now leaving out GMA950 to avoid screen issue. Stumbling again on step 3. Kernel Panic. ----- Tried again, now with 9.2.0 Kernel. Again Kernel Panic at step 3. ----- :angry2: If somebody could post in a bit more detail which exact mix from the few dozen options - stock files - additional patches (nforce?) - drivers (VGA, system, network) I need to chose from the v4 disc, ( and maybe how to perform some of the installs to correctly circumvent permissions or crashes that might arise ) - that would be most greatly appreciated. Again many thanks in advance for additional information.
  4. Two thumbs up for Matthieu! I gave up a few months ago trying to get things working, right before you came with this excellent guide and some new developments. I am eager to try it on my 5570-2609 (after some time to back up all my vista files & data). Two questions: - Can one use the iATKOS_4i with the same settings you gave for r2? - Can others confirm the vanilla kernel + superhai beta to be working and cooler?
  5. My Acer has the same networking. You may/will find that Acer is very troublesome to get working. The AR5007 is flat out not compatible. Acer also throws a curve ball when you insert another wireless card that is compatible ... in that during install they still don't work in OSX. They'll work in vista, not in OSX - yet. Several threads regarding the topic. Search AR5006 and AR5007 Regular ethernet. Difficulties for many systems. I'm on external USB now. Using JaS install as with uphuck I couldn't get a stable network preference window. Can't say about audio.
  6. Kernel Panic on Shutdown, Restart

    Acer having the same problem with same JaS version, with or without power-management bundle. Problem which I did not have with uPhuck 1.3 or 1.4? Wonder what's different?
  7. Atheros AR5006 and 5007 Working.

    (not to get this off topic, just commenting on the usb option) Things is - on Acer w AR5007 - I don't know if that works either. My brief history: I purchased a Dell minipcie broadcom card. Don't have the number right now, but guaranteed compatible based on other systems. Not working. Likely Acer issue. I purchased a 3rd party manufacturer guaranteed compatible OS X USB2 dongle (only one I am aware of, so not inexpensive) and can't get it to work either. Network preferences just crashes regardless of installation options. Maybe I need to ditch v1.4i and try different installer? Older one? Maybe install without any mini-pci e card present?
  8. what about WiFi / WLAN? and LAN?
  9. Acer Aspire 3680-2682

    The only acer's that work wirelessly are those with an Atheros 5005 wireless chip. All other Acer owners (like me) are stuck at this time. No driver or software hack is known to work. Even replacing the wireless card to a broadcom doesn't work (tried it). So, certainly buyer beware and need to try to find out more info on that invilink
  10. I just received my dell DW1390 card and am staring at the same "no information found" for network and thus no wifi. I thought this would solve my, your and others' problems ... but I'm thinking Acer is throwing a curve ball. Might have to try to get in touch with them? Under the pitch of an upgrade to a pci-e card that is n-compatible??? To learn more about what goes on internally.
  11. I was under the assumption that the dell 1390 wireless card for notebooks was detected by default by OSX. Having replaced the Atheros AR5007 with the Dell DW1390 ... I still get "no information found" under system profiler > Network ... and of course no connection. Anything else I should be doing?
  12. Beware that there are many different 5570 models and some of them - like mine - use newer chipsets for wireless and ethernet which are not supported currently with x86. I really like the fit & value of the 5570 I have, but NONE of the known network tricks, extensions, kext, workarounds, ... have worked for me. Same for others on Acer notebooks with newer chipsets. Older ones work fine. (like probably the positive report & guide you saw for the 5570 from eskurza) I am replacing the wifi card next week in order to get this thing online. ( And I'm crossing fingers that the Acer BIOS won't throw me a curve ball that I'm putting a different card in. )
  13. Sound on Intel GMA 950

    Could try the Azalia drivers. Mine has realtek HD audio too, but wouldn't work with the realtek. Tried the Azalia by chance during a re-install and had sound. No headphones though.
  14. I take it there is no solution yet for the Acer's to get ethernet to work? I can't get wifi to work either, so I have no connectivity.
  15. Someone managed to ... ?

    [Edit} I don't know that it works on Acer machines. Some people have theirs working. See: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=28680 Have a 5570z also wishing I had your wireless chip!