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  1. All the credits goes to the guide by Nguyenic1993 [GUIDE] Installing El Capitan on ASUS K501LX http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/312356-guide-installing-el-capitan-on-asus-k501lx/ I was able to install macOS Sierra public beta 10.12 with the clover_v2.3k_r3640, new just came out clover_v2.3k_r3650. Using his guide and his patched DSDT. I was on Sierra for a long time, decided to give a try Mojave due i love it on my old iMac . Hardware specification and current working status Model: ASUS K501LX - EB71 Platform: Broadway Design: Portable Bios 270 Weight: 2.0 kg Dimensions: 382 x 255 x 21.7 mm Website: https://www.asus.com...tebooks/K501LX/ CPU: i7 - 5500U SSD: 250GB 256GB Windows 10 OS SSD: Yes (M.2 2280). 256GB macOS 10.14.3 APFS WiFi: replaced native wifi brightness adjustment keyword working, not for LCD. nVidia GeForce GTX 950M is disable. Sound /mic , Wifi was replaced. So far no issues. Temp 37 to 49 batery 3-4 hours. Make sure to add ApfsDriverloader-64 to boot. All the kext my config.pl9st is incluted. you may need to not install ApplePS2SmartTouchpad.kext i deleted caused problems. now is about %95 working due unable to adjust LCD brightness. Sleep is working with HibernationFixup. to anable sound lilu.kext is required with AppleALC. takes longer to load due to the new Apfs. updated to Clover_Clover_v2.4k_r4871. config.plist.zip i7-5500U.zip DSDT.aml.zip patched.zip HibernationFixup.kext.zip 10.14.zip
  2. iAstroboyid

    [GUIDE] Installing macOS on ASUS K501L

    Update to clover V2.3K_r3642 to be able to install macOS 10.12 Sierra Public Beta, same process. So far looking forward to the full release. Siri is a plus 10.12 loads 1 sec faster nguyenlc1993 Thanks again for detailed guide.
  3. iAstroboyid

    [GUIDE] Installing macOS on ASUS K501L

    enabled CSM no more video issue at booting, sleep still works. already backup files , I going to try the hot fix tomorrow. Thanks The hot patch hack works for me too, sleep , wake, sound ,Wifi card was replace native , so far no more issues. had to login again to face time and iMessage iCloud to make it work after i migrate SMBIOS confit.plist info. Thanks I can confirm Asus k501LX with BIOS 206 works with you guide. Thanks again
  4. iAstroboyid

    [GUIDE] Installing macOS on ASUS K501L

    With windows 10 Asus flash it to Version 206. Description BIOS 206 Fix the system can't boot with SAMSUNG memory 04/11/2015. AsysTek https://www.asus.com/us/support/Download/3/788/0/1/cgSxMlZWmrvUbTYS/41/ I going to try the hot-patch method add /EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched SSDT-HACK.aml Remove SSDT.aml too ? Remove DSDT.aml and SSDT.aml ? in /EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched both need to be here SSDT-HACK.aml SSDT.aml I fallowed How to generate proper serials for use in SMBIOS added my serial of old 2010 macbook air (Died 2015) for use in SMBIOS I was able to use imessage Facetime =) Do you have BIOS 205? Going to try this after i get home. BIOS setting -> Boot tab and enable CSM. Thank you again, failed too many times before until fallowed your guide,
  5. iAstroboyid

    [GUIDE] Installing macOS on ASUS K501L

    My model Asus k501LX-EB71 i7 5500U / Bios 206. 256GB SSD version. I just flashed new bios 260 , with v1.0.1 i was able to install 10.11.5, only issue is the same as the youtube video, i have to close the lid for 20 seconds, problem solve. I just copied ACPI/DSDT.aml kext my EFI. Do i need to patch 1 my own DSDT? sleep works for me , after wakeup everything works great =) i can live with the start boot issue for now. iMessage and FaceTime worked perfectly , add new FAKESMC with CPU sensor, 38-49 c nice temps without the nvidia 950m. Thank you for you guide, works great i just need to go back to find out how to fix boot start video issue.
  6. iAstroboyid

    Intel HD Graphics 5500 - Need some help

    i have Asus K501L can you show me how you did it, i just cam boot at all, i have64mb preallocated in my DVTM just shuts down after apple logo. can you upload your efi folder ? ASUS K501L
  7. for public beta , this the 3rd update , I have System Version: OS X 10.10.3 (14D113c) , is faster and love photos add. so cool to answer phone calls from you laptop =) ,
  8. iAstroboyid

    Intel HD 4000 graphics QE/CI brake in 10.10.3

    i used to have the same problem i used to have first patch: 4185c0746b48 to 31c0745b48 removed , only kept the second patch 4188c4eb11 to 4188c4eb31. this also resolve the panic on the first patch. Thanks artur-pt your question "what patch u use ?" resolved my issue , i was using wrong patch. Asus s400ca i5 HD4000
  9. I was so exited to tell you the solution , seem you already found it. We are ready for 10.10.3 I did not remove first stage patch, used to have different one, replaced patch 4188c4eb11 to 4188c4eb31 this work most current beta too, sleep works too =) , OS X 10.10.3 (14D113c)
  10. 10.10.3 is not stable, still working to solve it. My Asus a400ca has PCIe 24gb ssd with 10.10.3 , main ssd drive has 10.10.2
  11. Scorekaj22 Do you hace asus s400ca? Try yo use My config.plist , my DSDT is patched
  12. sorry i was working AppleIntelHD4000Graphics.kext.10.10.2.zip
  13. this is my 1st laptop that i have tried to install osx86 thanks to mayankchopra, jamiethemorris his config.plist and reading his post helped me complete the installation , chriss1111 helped long time ago with clover basics. I have Asus s400ca with i5 intel HD 4000. Working: with 10.10.2 Sound with VoodooHDA VT1708S kexts 1st install need to go to voodooHDA pref turn on the volume. Keyboard with all Fn enablle , screen brightness + -, volume + - ,mute,pause ,insert num lk, display off. Trackpad Display Ethernet Bluetooth Battery, temp sensors internal WIFI does not work, replace it with Broadcom BCM94322HM8L WIFI Wireless Card you can buy them at eBay from $7 native no kext needed. touch screen works perfect, usb 3 works with usb 2 only. tried my HD with usb3 no dice. sleep works , sound will stop after long sleep , reboot restore sound. intel HD 4000 with full qe/ci HDMI with video,no sound still working on it. Camara, mic only works with FaceTime and voice call. iMessage Not Working: Sound with HDMI not tested SD card bluetooth. instillation add config.plist and patched DSDT , all the kexts on the clover v2k r3128 EFI boot loader kexts folder to my EFI usb, to boot from internal SSD created dos partition add add clover EFI and folder Microsoft with bootmgfw.efi. not taking credit, took me hours of reading , finding correct kexts and patch. Feel free to try them. serial number is not included on the config.plist updated: public beta OS X 10.10.3 (14D113c) working with full qe/ci first stage patch replaced patch 4188c4eb11 to 4188c4eb31 sleep works again fully functional . don't use 85C0745D48 to 31C0745B48 worked with 10.10.2 not with 10.10.3 , correct stage patch is 4188c4eb11 to 4188c4eb31 updated my config.plist with correct stage patch asus400cakexts.zip
  14. I just updated to 10.10.3 beta on epci HD 24gb comes with my asus s400ca. reboot got panic, replacing AppleIntelHD4000Graphics with 10.10.2 resolve the panic, move pages lags, still able to use photoshop you tube and hd movies. still works HD audio facetime, imsg , mic work with face time and call voice only. touch screen still works all F keys replace the wifi with Broadcom BCM94322HM8L WIFI Wireless Card still works. censors ,battery , temps trackpad HDMI video , no audio , even on 10.10.2 same issue. The problem with some laptop with 10.10.3 public beta may be the intel hd kexts, on final beta this may be resolve =) i5 3rd gen with intel HD 4000
  15. iAstroboyid

    Install Yosemite ASUS S400CA

    Finally I was able to boot from ssd , created dos partition. with DSDT patched get battery and all fiction F keys works, using usb wifi. Sleep works too