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  1. When is Leopard Going to Leak?

    Yea PM me Also
  2. When is Leopard Going to Leak?

    We need someone with an rapidshare account to check these file and find out if it the real thing then upload it to a site
  3. When is Leopard Going to Leak?

    Hey Please Send me and invite. Thanks
  4. Hi i have the leopard disc on my 3G iPod and can boot to that and i also partitioned my external HD using iPartition But when i load leopard and try to install it on my external HD it makes me repartion it. i cant do that b/c i have a lot of stuff on my external HD that i need so how can i install leopard onto my External HD Thanks for all the help
  5. Hi i Have an 17" MBP and i have windows on it. I also have an 300Gb External HD that i want to partion without erasing what i ahve on it now but want to be able to boot leopard and run it from the partion on the external HD. Thank For all The Help
  6. Leopard Installation Method

    If i use disk utility will that erase my stuff on my drive or just create and extra partion b/c i have stuff on my drive taht cant be erased Thanks
  7. Leopard Installation Method

    Hey I have a MBP 17" and have windows on it. I also have A 300GB extren HD CAn i partion That and run Leopard on The extern HD how do i Partion The exteranl HD thanks