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  1. Well recently I wanted to test a self-destruction method incase my computer is ever stolen, so does anyone know the best way to make an installation unbootable, but leaving the disk "mostly" intact? I was thinking about making a shell script to delete an important system resource needed to boot, but does anyone know what I could do. PS. I am only looking for a solution for my own computer, I would never destroy another man's computer ;-)
  2. You do realize that the Core 2 Duo's are <b>64</b> bit, so you may need a 64bit edition of windows for it to boot. Just a thought.
  3. Help

    10.4.7 is system version. Firmware is different.
  4. From Hell and Back

    Not true, I got my ATI card drivers working perfectly. I can easily play any 3D linux game without any slowdown.
  5. I'm trying CrossOver right now, and everything installs fine, but when I click on most things, they just bounce and then die. No error message, it just never comes up. Guess its better than Darwine, which doesn't even work period. I've used the Linux version in Ubuntu, and it still is very limited.
  6. I respect them for the work they have done, but I'm just giving a real - world opinion. The real world is harsh, I'd know. I produce music and I know what It feels like to work on something for weeks and or months and have someone {censored} all over it. I'm just saying it has a long way to go before it's usable, as a real replacement for Windows.
  7. Well WINE has potential, its just not very usable ATM. And second, I don't want "Windows," I want the applications that are "Windows Only." Windows the OS isn't appealing at all to me.
  8. From Hell and Back

    Then how the f*** did I happen to install Ubuntu Linux? If you haven't noticed, the new Firmware supports software that uses BIOS, and that is the whole reason you can run XP. Go to the ubuntu linux forums and there are instructions. It works, I just can't run any realtime audio DAW software with WINE, so I have no use for Linux. I had no problem installing. I installed fine. I was just pointing out that after all that work to get it running, I uninstalled it.
  9. I don't know if anyone has realized this, but WINE is pretty useless when it comes to real-world production applications. Makes me think WINE has no real use, since it can only run simple applications that OSX and Linux already have ported.
  10. From Hell and Back

    Everything I thought WINE could do, It really can't, so there was no point.
  11. From Hell and Back

    I just spent the last three days attempting to install and get working an installation of ubuntu linux, and after installing it, I realized it was utterly pointless. So I uninstalled and restored my drive with iPartition. Guess I know how to do it now...
  12. Hey everyone. I am wanting to install Fedora Core 5 on my Bootcamp partition, but I want to make sure when I do it I don't kill my OSX partition. Can anyone give me some steps to do this? Thanks, GoM
  13. I'll try both out. Thanks.
  14. Virtulization on PPC

    Virtualization requires an Intel processor because it uses real Hardware instead of emulating like VPC. So buy an Intel Mac or just DIE!