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  1. [Help] Dell Latitude D630 iAtkos LCD Issues

    The Big kicker that makes these systems different is the Video. the D620 uses the D945 video driver where the D630 uses either the D965/x3100 or an nVidia 9300. The D630 with the X3100 works flawlessly except getting the video to work out of the gate. I have tried creating a DSDT.aml but lack the proper knowledge to edit it correctly and finding writes up on how to do so has been a daunting task. I'm not sure what to say to that. have you tried hitting F8 and typing -v "Graphics Mode"="1280x800x32" That should force OSX to use that display depth and may fix your video issues.
  2. [Help] Dell Latitude D630 iAtkos LCD Issues

    After days upon days of trying to get this to run properly on my D630 I finally got it to work and figured out the trick to getting the display to work after installing without using an external display. I'm using iAtkos S3 V2 has OSX 10.6.3 The system I have is a Dell Latitude ATG D630. Intel core 2 duo 2ghz 2gigs Ram 250gig HD Intel graphics GMA965/X3100 Broadcom Wireless Brodcom gigabit 5755M LAN If your system matches that then this will work for you. I highly suggest that you partition your drive into at least 2 partitions. Have one for your boot drive and one for data. Contrary to what has been posted every where you do not need to change your Sata to AHCI in the bios. it functions with it either way. use the following packages to get it to work right out of the box. Bootloader select only PC_EFI (this one seems to allow the video to function the best) Bootloader options select none Patches Select the following /extra fakesmc disabler RTC RTC 32bit(the video never displays properly on boot up the first time without it) EVO Reboot Sleep Enabler (this is key video will never display on the LCD without it.) Drivers SATA AHCI(if you have it enabled in bios other wise use the following don't select both.) Intell Sata/IDE Sound VoodooHDA(only) P/S2 Apple P/S2 (only) -[[Added: thanks jududdar for pointing that out did this write up from memory... ]]- CPU-Power Voodoo Power(seems to work best) Laptop Hardware (select all) NTFS-3G(select all) VGA Intel EFI String GMAx3100 Network Wireless Broadcom Ethernet Broadcom BCM5755M Let OSX do its thing . when it reboots eject the DVD , and let it boot up. When you hear music unplug the power close the lid and open it again you will have a working display. After setup is finish ed I highly recommend you go into expose and set a corner to put the display to sleep so when it reboots you don't have to keep pulling the power to get the display to show up. Edited to add P/S2 selection