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  1. Thanks for the reply! Any chance I could get the link you used to get the version of the 828 firmware that worked for you?
  2. I wanted to reply to this just to let you know you are not alone… I'm running Mac OS X with no problem and my GTX760 works fantastically, but Windows is a pain. I was able to get it to work for over a month by setting up Windows on integrated graphics, installing my card's drivers, then finally changing the setting for IGPU. This morning when I turned on my computer, no more Windows video. I've given up for now on getting Windows (7 or 8) to work on this system, it's not worth the amount of trial and error I've had to go through.
  3. Too late to help, but for anyone searching for the same issue, after setting SystemSerial: - navigate to your user library (~/Library/) - do a search for iMessage - trash all the related plists - reboot I'm guessing resetting your password performed the same function of removing any stored account information from logins attempted before setting your serial.
  4. I've got a 760 and bios revision 828, let me know if there's anything I can do to help/test.
  5. I had the same issue with a GTX 760, the above settings got it so I could boot OS X and Windows 8 and have video connected to the graphics card, but as far as I could tell neither system was actually using the GTX 760 for processing. Windows showed an error (Code 12) in Device Manager for the Nvidia card, and Mac OS X reported both cards, but was scoring rather low on a Geekbench test. I also tried disabling the integrated graphics and defaulting Init Graphics to PCIe, but that goes back to the issue of a Quo logo then a black screen with a flashing cursor prompt. Will setting Init Display to IGPU and Integrated Graphics to enabled actually allow the system to use Nvidia graphics? Is there something I should be changing in the BIOS settings or writing to the UEFI shell?
  6. Thanks @apfel_nico, just downloaded and updated to 820M. Still having the issue with my GTX 760. Disabling the HD4000 in BIOS just causes the computer to boot to Windows, then no video after the 'loading' screen. Same resource conflict listed in msinfo32. Windows 8 will boot with my DVI cable connected to the GTX 760, show the loading screen, then go to a black screen. Mac OS X loads no problem with the DVI cable connected to the GPU. Edit: I guess what I'm really looking for is a more comprehensive source of information than this forum. There's a lot of good info in here, but very little of it seems to apply to my situation. Edit 2: From what I can tell, my Mac install will boot and output video with my GTX760 connected, but it's not actually using it for processing (relatively low Geekbench score) Follow-up: Is there a list graphics cards that Ozmosis is built to work with? I'd be up for returning the GTX 760 in favor of something that is supported.
  7. I just did a clean install of Windows 8, confirmed in msinfo32 that it's a UEFI install, but I'm still getting a conflict between the integrated graphics and my GTX 760: Lanceomni, which version of the BIOS are you running? The latest I found was 816M, but I've noticed some people referring to the 820M version. I'll try that now, but I'm not super hopeful that it'll get my graphics card working in Windows. Has anyone run into this issue?
  8. My current issue: Cannot get the GTX 760 to work in Windows. Integrated graphics (HD4000) works in Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.8.5. GTX 760 works in Mac OS X but Windows hangs at 'Starting Windows'. Init display is set to Auto, as is Integrated Graphics. edit: I think I've learned a little more about the problem- the GTX 760 doesn't have UEFI GOP support. I tried setting PCI ROM control to legacy first but that more or less stopped the graphics card from working all together. Anyone know of a workaround, or could point me in the right direction?
  9. Fixed the hang at the Windows Loading screen, I double checked the BIOS was set to "init display: igpu" before I realized I had my DVI cable plugged into the graphics card. Rebooted with it connected to the board's DVI port and I was able to get to the desktop and update my graphics drivers. Now I'm getting a 'Code 12' error under Device Manager for my GeForce GTX 760: I did the obvious thing to me, disable HD4000 in Windows first, then in the BIOS; neither fixed it. I've contacted NVIDIA and they've been unhelpful so far (reinstall the card? beta drivers?), anyone with the same issue? Suggestions?
  10. I've got the exact same problem. Any solutions?