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  1. iPC 10.5.6 installed but display issues

    Hmmm... no comments eh? Ok, well I've an update anyway. Yesterday I was able to test with an external monitor. I booted up as before and got the blue -> black -> gray screen again but this time it was a bit different. The screen has vertical lines (gray, black and green) and fades from white blotches to solid lines. However the external monitor seems to display ok. The thing is, all I can see on it is the gray background and the mouse cursor. I tried disabling the internal display on the laptop in the BIOS but all it did was disable it FOR the BIOS and set the external as primary during startup. Once it reached the same stage the external was still set as the 2nd monitor. I'm wondering if I might be able to get to the desktop by bypassing the welcome details somehow? Is there a command I can enter for this? I really am quite desperate to get this running! Thanks
  2. Hi all, I have a Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook S7210 that i'm trying to get running 10.5.6 so I can run iLife 09. This isn't my first foray into hackint0sh as I've previously had a HP nc6000 running 10.4.10 but it's getting a bit old and the FS is a LOT faster. I've installed iPC 10.5.6 onto an external 80GB drive and the install seems to go fine but on rebooting OS X doesn't load. What I get is the grey screen with apple logo and spinning lines, then the screen goes blue, then flashes black, then goes white/grey and blotchy and sort of fades from white to grey and back. If I leave it long enough I can hear the 'welcome' video music playing (so at least the sound works!) but obviously can't do anything about it. I have searched on here but it seems that FS owners are few and far between. Here's the spec sheet for the laptop - FS S7210 Specs Any help is really appreciated. thanks!
  3. Hi all, I've been wondering about this too. Safari 3 is the only real reason I fancy updating. I've got nothing against getting Firefox though if I can't get Safari. I downloaded the 10.4.11 standalone update (it's taken me so long to get everything working i'm not brave enough to the procedure from the 1st post!) and opened it up using Pacifist and there it is! In the Applications folder is Safari.app Since I'm still a major OS X n00b can anyone tell me if it's possible to extract that and install it? And if so, how? I've been tempted to install EFI so I can do proper updates but again, not brave enough to do anything major in case I kill it. Thinking of which, can anyone recommend a good backup utility? I'm guessing that using Norton Ghost won't work? I've found Clonetool Hatchery but no decent instructions and it's not really clear whether I can clone to another drive which I can trash as many times as I like. Any info/advice would be very gratefuly received! Dyl
  4. Hey all, I have a HP NC6000 that i'm trying to get up and running and graphics is one of the outstanding issues. I want to carry through with this but can't download the file from rapidshare! Has it expired? Can anyone help me? Does anyone still have the file somewhere? If someone could e-mail it to me or put it somewhere i can get it that would be AWESOME! Thanks Dyl
  5. 10.4.10 on HP NC6000

    Ok, i worked out why it wasn't booting. Feel a bit silly but it's still not right and not something I'd have thought of. For some reason I assumed that OSx would recognise that it's installed on a portable device (i.e. a laptop). It doesn't. There's no power management, battery meter, etc. I assume that it also assumes that since there's no active power input that it can't boot. Simply put, if it's plugged into the mains, it boots fine. If not, it hangs at the loading screen. Odd but true.
  6. 10.4.10 on HP NC6000

    So can anyone help me out with this please? Do I need to supply more info? I believe i can get ethernet and wireless working from the links on this page: NC6000 But I still have the bootup issue. I've searched but I guess I'm searching the wrong phrases. Thanks for your time! Dyl
  7. 10.4.10 on HP NC6000

    Hi all, As you may eb able to tell, I'm new here I'm also relatively new to OS X (less than a year of light use) and VERY new to hackintosh On the flip side I'm an IT engineer so I do have a good understanding of 'stuff' Ok, I have a HP NC6000 and I want OS X on it. I don't care which version, I just need OS X, iLife (which I have) and working ethernet (and preferably wireless but as long as I have some connection I'm not bothered). I have tried LOTS of times to install OS X. I have 10.4.10 by mac.nub installed. I also have Brasilmac 10.5 and Jas 10.4.8, neither of which I can even boot from. I successfully installed mac.nub 10.4.10 several times but when i rebooted i got the gray loading screen and it just stopped. I did finally manage to boot in twice. Once at first restart (got the license details, put name in, etc) and then rebooted and got into OS X fine. After shutting it down and restarting the next day i got the gray screen hang again. I've hit F8 at the Darwin prompt and booted with -v -s switches and got a sort of dump screen. Assuming this is the loading process it should only be the last one that should show the error, right? the last line is: BSD root: disk0s1, major 14, minor 1 at this point the HDD light stops flashing and it just stops doing anything. Can anyone help me out with this? Any thoughs would be really appreciated. Dyl
  8. iWeb - open but not open?!?

    Ok, let me re-phrase It flies in comparison to how it has run before
  9. iWeb - open but not open?!?

    Yay! It works! The only thing is, i'm not sure what thing I did to make it work. I increased the RAM to 1GB I changed the processor emulation from G4 to G3 I had already changed the defaults.plist file so that may have helped but wasn't the deciding factor. I had also tried changing from 800x600x15 to 1024x768x32 which made no difference. I must say though, with more RAM and a different processor, it flies! thanks for the input all!
  10. Hey! I have iLife 06 installed onto PearPC with OS X tiger I have 512MB RAM and 20GB HDD configured When I open iWeb, I get a screen asking me to either sign into .Mac or Learn more about it. Well, I don't have a .Mac account and my emultaed Mac isn't on the web yet so I can do neither. So I click cancel. The iWeb menus appear but no main window and nothing happens. I click on File and almost all options (including 'New...') are grayed out Anyone know why this happens and how to fix it?? Thanks!