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  1. X4500 QE/CI Project! (Need anyone who can help)

    Sorry everyone, I been very very busy with work and have had no time to try and get something sorted. I have quite alot of free time coming up. So hopefully we can start to get somewhere with this damn X4500 Drivers! So far we have native Rez. Which as you know has been around for a while already, which is a start. But.. the problem we face is trying to get QE enabled, Now this kinda a few options with how to do this really... Create a driver from scratch. Or go about editing a driver to suit the X4500.. But over the next few days or so (i hope, dont hold me to it) we will come up with a plan on what's the best option to go with. But anyway.. Sorry to the people who emailed me about joining the project. Sorry if i didn't reply been mega busy and just didn't get round to doing it. We have a few new peeps on the boat. Which i will update google code with and so forth.. But if you think you can help please drop me an email!
  2. x4500 Drivers http://code.google.com/p/x4500/ **** UPDATES **** Will post updates here.. As well as http://code.google.com/p/x4500/ x4500 Graphic Drivers For OSX The overall goal of this project will be the development of a 32-bit driver bundle for the "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500". This driver bundle will allow the Intel GMA X4500 to be fully recognized in the Darwin XNU layer of Mac OS X as well as the Quartz layer with support for Quartz Extreme and Core Image hardware graphics acceleration. Further goals will allow for support of native display resolutions, various video hardware deviations, sleep and power management support, dsdt integration, OpenGL, Quartz Extreme and Core Image hardware acceleration. At this time, the project is in the early stages and we do not have any code to provide. Please check back periodically for changes. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT - If you wish to be apart of this project send an email at law@violetcore.com with your Google Account email and he will add you! Few Things we are after! * Developers * Information on the various Hardware IDs for the X4500 * Anyone with experience or knowledge of the IONDRVFramebuffer and IONDRVSupport (Needed for full QE/CI) * Assistance with research on existing projects with the ATI Framebuffer. Please refer to the code @ http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=156279. * Assistance with locating and/or possibly porting Linux drivers for the x4500 to Darwin. We would like to get the basic driver to work with XNU kernel if this is at all possible. * Any history that you may have had working on hacking the x3100 series drivers to work. * If there anything you think you could help. x4500 Dev Team Project Members Law Spammon Proxin
  3. when i say 100% i should of said almost 100%. There been alot of problems with the kexts about with the dell 1545. Givening Lines over the screen.. and mouse cursor goes away. Still the waiting game for QE support and so forth... :S
  4. I have attached 100% working Dell 1545 x4500 kexts. (No QE Support!) Before anyone asks! (The dell 1545 has been a pain with the kexts about. I couldnt tell you which kexts are from who in this package! But they seem to work a treat! Add them all with kext helper! I been hunting around trying loads of kexts from people for the x4500. And all causes mouse cursor to disappear and screen errors. Currently running native 1366x768 laptop and external display @ 1680x1050. on 10.5.7. Only problem i have found is.. when added external display you have to boot up on laptop then detect display. then move task bar across. But cant see to work out how to turnoff laptop screen without cause screen to freeze and have allot of lines across it. I hope this helps the Dell 1545 users. Installation instruction Download both .zip files; dsdt.aml.zip Dell_1545_x4500.zip Then put dsdt.aml in your OSX root. (DSDT.AML seem to fixed the black screen issue.) To replace the dsdt.aml file your going to have to show hidden files. If you open up terminal (Applications > Utilities) and type the following: defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE killall Finder once done replace the file. you may need to move old one or rename it, to put the new file in place. then open up kext helper and drag all files within dell 1545 x4500 folder. and click install. Reboot. And fingered crossed it should have worked.. These are the only kexts i found to work 100% with a Dell 1545 http://rapidshare.com/files/292803154/Dell_1545_x4500.zip http://rapidshare.com/files/292804144/dsdt.aml.zip