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  1. ATI X1800 with 10.5.8

    Hi snerler, No I havent even had any luck intalling it. I've reinstalled the os x 4 times so far. I'm new to all of this so i've basically been trying to learn the kext editing thing as I go. I've managed to get into the plist and used text edit to enter my device ID and vendor ID. You said that the Natit x1800.kext file already had your device ID and vendor ID included in it? Having gone into it using text edit I can only see a two numbers that come after the IOPC match and the first one end ...'&amp'.. is this your device ID and vendor ID numbers that I need to delete and replace with mine? From what I have read i think I should enter my IDs as follows:0x71091002. I'm not sure exactly where to put them though. Also I realise there are a number of files in the zip file you sent. Do I need to edit these and enter my Device and Vendor ID in these too or just the x1800 kext? I have tried a number of ways and replaced the exsiting files in the system library extensions etc, but have had no luck. I'm really not sure where I'm going wrong. I can't seem to do anything in 'terminal' as it says something about malformed mach-o evertime i try to type the commands or get into the system using sudo -s. I'm not sure if this is a permissions problem or what, but I assume that the text edit way of editing the kext and saving it should be ok? I have spent alot of time reading up on this but still havent been able to do it. If you could explain the procedure you used for installing it I would be so grateful. I feel like i'm soo close yet soo far! Thanks for all your help man. it's much appreciated!!!!
  2. X1800XT problem

    Hi guys does anyone still need Diaboliks x1800 natit? I have a copy of it which i understand will enable dual screen dvi on 10.5.8. I am more than happy to post a link if people still need it. I have not done this procedure before and I'm a bit new to all this so if someone could explain the process for modifying the kext/ or just explain the installation procedure instructions I would be really grateful. I have reinstalled os x 3 times so far as my plist modifications have either been wrong or I have been doing something wrong which has made it unbootable. thanks!
  3. ATI X1800 with 10.5.8

    SNERLER. YOU ARE A DON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT THYANK U ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANX BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  4. ATI X1800 with 10.5.8

    No problem. Thanks again.
  5. I am looking for a link for a working kext (diaboliks maybe?) for the x1800 under 10.5.8 Has anyone had full functionality with the x1800 under 10.5.8? Dual monitor DVI working? etc etc Card: ATI Sapphire x1800 Device ID: 1002 7109
  6. ATI X1800 with 10.5.8

    Snerler, that would be so so so appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks in advance.. i can't tell you how hard it has been to find the natit that will run with the x1800. Thanks!
  7. ((((( ATI x1800 Natit Needed! HELP PLEASE )))))

    I have the ATI x1800 and for some reason it seems to be one of the few cards that arent really supported. I'm thinking of just ditching the card and buying a new one i know will be compatible unless I can get the files needed for this one. From what i gather the Diaboliks one for the x1800 is the only one that works, but any link on here is dead. If anyone can help out it would be much appreciated. thanx.
  8. ATI Radeon X1800 Drivers

    I'm looking for drivers for the same card the ATI x1800. I understand the Natit version is what we need but cant find it anywhere. Can someone please help out? nice 1
  9. X1800XT problem

    I also need a link for the Natit x1800 for 10.5.8. Can anyone please help?
  10. Radeon X1800. had enough now, please help

    I have the same problem johnny. Can anyone suggest a solution for the x1800 for 10.5.8? thanx
  11. ATI X1800 with 10.5.8

    I've got the 10.5.8 running , but i cant get the graphics resolution sorted with the radeon ATI x1800 as all of the links for the suggested methods seem to be dead links. Can anyone suggest an alternative download link please? thanx