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  1. *Almost* Successful Update 10.5.4 to 10.5.6

    Hate to bump, and so soon too, but this issue is killing me....
  2. Okay, so I've had loads of problems updating my Leo4All 10.5.4 to 10.5.6 or higher. Today I finally got 10.5.6 to go using Zeph's AMD Patcher. Restored kexts and all, and everything seems to work. By everything I mean internet and I can set the true display resolution. The problem is, I can only boot safe mode (-x). Once I boot and sign in I then have to reset the display and everything seems good. But, that's annoying and I want a proper 10.5.6. When I boot -v it hangs at nForceLAN Link Down (or somet like that), but I get a yellow flag early saying, "failed to load com.apple.driver.applehpet". My guess is this is the root of my problems. I don't know anything about DSDT (which is what search seems to point to), so if I have another installed I don't know how/what/where or anything about it. I can look though. I do have AppleHPET.kext in my extensions folder (is removing it the answer?). Also, there are tons of audio related kexts (Azalia, AC97, AppleHDA, AppleOnBoardAudio, probably others too), and my sound isn't working. On fresh install of Leo I chose Azalia and it was acceptable, is getting rid of the others the solution to bringing the sound back? Or does that have something to do with safe mode? Okay, hope to get some answers because if I can get to 10.5.6 I see 5.7 or 5.8 as a possibilty. Cheers! My setup is in sig, if more info is needed ask and I'll provide.
  3. Weird Sound Issue...

    I know the answer to this is here, and I've read tons of threads in the driver section, but none of them made sense to me. At all. Basically, everything works on my 10.5.4, even the sound. Except the speakers kinda crackle when it's playing. I'm using Azalia Audio right now, but I've tried VoodooHDA kext and it did the same thing. Any ideas?
  4. I'm using RC3 with no problems of chameleon. At first I had EasyBCD, but it was a hassle as when I chose 7 from chameleon, it would load the EBCD bootloader and I had to choose again. I suggest using just chameleon. Those pics in your link are the default theme, so once you get Cham, you'll have that. On the voodoo forums they have many other themes too, some are quite thundersex.
  5. Noob in need of help

    Yes, hit repair and restart. In cmd you can type this: diskpart list disk select disk X (where X is your disk) list partition select partition Y (where Y is you 7 partition) active exit exit Then choose repair and restart. You may need to then boot back into 7 dvd and choose repair and restart. It should prompt you, just hit enter. When in 7 go to cmd again then: diskpart list disk select disk X list partition select partition Z (where Z is your OSX partition) active exit exit From there it should be set. Just restart and chameleon or whatever bootloader you have should load and allow you to choose which OS you want to boot.
  6. Noob in need of help

    Try booting from your W7 install DVD go into repair>cmd>diskpart>select disk & partition for Windows>active>then repair & restart.
  7. Mix up keys between At and Windows key

    Go to system preferences/keyboard/modifier keys and change from there.
  8. AMD patcher issue - 10.5.8 Combo Update

    Nice!! I'll set up a Time Machine tonight and then give this a go. Will let you know how it goes. What were you on before update? I'm on 10.5.4 right now.
  9. Noob in need of help

    I just meant that if OSX will install on your PC and your hard drive, then you should not have any problems having that and 7 on the same drive. You just have to figure out how to get OSX on your PC.
  10. Noob in need of help

    If you can install Leo you can dual boot. iAtkos is a good distro with a decent set of customizations, so there should be something there for you. Check the wiki on what systems it's been successfully installed on, if you see yours (or one that's super similar) you should be okay. Main things that need to be compatible are the disk (or mobo or whatever) and the graphics card. You're rocking intel so there's something out there that'll work. If you don't find what you want on iAtkos check iPC or Ideneb or Leo4All (though I think the latest update of that is mine @ 10.5.4), one of them will have what you need. As for dual-booting, there are plenty of guides on that, it all depends on how you want it set-up. I posted yesterday in the official dual-boot thread the way that worked best for me, check it if you want or try one of the other various methods. Good luck.
  11. Chameleon 2 RC3 - timeout problem

    Do you mean you want it to boot straight into OSX w/out going to Chameleon? If so, from what I understand, that's not possible. I have mine set Timeout 2 and it goes quick enough that it doesn't bother me, and still gives me time to hit a key if I need to add a flag or somet...I also have the boot time in my BIOS set to 2.
  12. cant install mac os x

    Yeah, same here. I got lucky and have like 500 or somet stupid blank dvd's at home, so it's no biggie for me to keep trying...
  13. vista and OSX dualboot problem

    If you can't boot without dvd, then something went wrong. But, if you are getting full functionality, and you can live with it, it may not be that much of a biggie. For the shut down, maybe try openhaltrestart.kext or one of the other options out there. I noticed that on my system the partition for OSX had to be completely blank and just empty space. Can't do anything to it other than shrink the space in 7/Vista partition, then head into diskpart and do the create part primary for the empty space. Still, if it's booting and working fine w/DVD doubt that's your issue. Make a start up password in BIOS and try the chameleon thing I suggested. Hope it works...
  14. AMD patcher issue - 10.5.8 Combo Update

    Did you do anything special to get this going or did you just dl the combo update 10.5.8 and patch it using zeph? Did you restore ALL the kexts? Been struggling getting mine updated using every method except zephs patcher...
  15. cant install mac os x

    I'd say that may be a good bet. Typically I burn all ISO's at the slowest possible or at most 2x. If you still have the distro it's definitely worth a shot.