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  1. Ok, I figured out my problem. Had to put in the proper video drivers to boot... Now I'm upgraded properly to 10.8.2 but I seem to have lost the 'Start up automatically after a power failure' option in Energy Saver which results in wake up not working properly. I've tried multiple DSDTs (a couple from here, and the latest from tonymacx) but the option just isn't there. Am I missing something obvious? System is i7 920, X58A-UD5, GTX 670 (upgraded from my hd4790 for CUDA).
  2. Hi guys, I'm trying to install ML on my big machine on a fresh SSD and after creating a bootable USB (took me forever to figure out that the USB was GUID partitioned and was freezing my boot process...) the system boots but I suspect I need a video driver because I never enter the gui. It just sits in the console with the boot text and nothing shows up on screen. It doesn't seem like the system is dead because I can press the power button and the system tries to go to sleep. I have a HD4790. Anyone with that video card around? netkas used to make these QE/CI patches but I can no longer find them, especially for ML. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!
  3. One more update on snow leo using the 4.0b script from dd: Looks like mdworker is crashing my system every once in a while, so I disabled it. Will see how stable it is now. Not working: microphone <- there is a 'None' name for Built-in Microphone entry in Sound but that's about it. dsdt not setup correct? all drives are detected as external <- this one is a bit strange. I can change the icon to be external but still... The last thing for me would be to make both video cards (4890 and 8600GT) work so I can have two LCDs on the ATI and use the nvidia's vga for my projector... Thanks DD for the effort. I'm sure your SL script will be awesome!
  4. 4890 Dual Monitors

    Good news, as netkas was saying the 4890 dual dvi works under SL with hardware acceleration without any issues. Confirmed it yesterday.
  5. Well just an update, I found my mic is not working ... Will call it a day(night) and try to fix tomorrow.
  6. mangopeach, thanks for the idea. I tried but didn't help. I ended up downloading the latest kext from sf.net and it worked! No idea what happened. Maybe the shutdown worked... Finally all working properly. knightprozac: TV out doesn't seem to work. Sorry
  7. Hi. UD5/920/12G/4890 setup with Vertex SSD drive here. Let me tell you, Snow leo works like a charm! Finally two DVI's out of my video card with hardware acceleration working (netkas' aty_init + exotic kexts). I have sound (analog onboard, digital (optical) onboard - tried both DTS and PCM sound , my diy USB DAC). Have not tested the mic yet. One problem tho! My network is not working for some reason! It detects only 1 ethernet and it says cable is not connected (yes, I checked the cable). The kext just doesn't want to load. Am I missing something?
  8. Netkas, I can't get my os to boot with 8600GT and 4890. If the 8600GT is primary, the system crashes with fan on 4890 at about-to-take-off speeds. If the 4890 is the primary, KP right when the mouse/gui is supposed to load. If they are separate, the 8600GT gets dual QE/CI (both vga and dvi), the 4890 gets only one DVI with QE/CI Any ideas how to keep them both in? ideally I'd like to use one DVI for one monitor on 4890, dvi for second monitor on 8600GT, and vga for my projector. Is that possible at all?
  9. I got my 8600GT to work on vanilla 10.5.7 by removing all injectors and custom modules and installing a clean NVDarwin 1.2.5 (all modules). Both DVI and VGA have QE/CI enabled.
  10. ATI 4890 - compatible?

    Just tried ideneb 1.4 (10.5.6) with the steps you provided, but no joy. I'm trying to get an old 8600GT to work alongside the 4890 now, but doesn't seem to work either... Thanks for the effort anyways.
  11. ATI 4890 - compatible?

    webking, I tried your method on retail 10.5.7 and my second DVI is still not working. I will install iDeneb 10.5.6 and retry again tonight. THz
  12. 4890 Dual Monitors

    I've tried using the 10.5.6 modules + accel + ATI init and same result. I guess no luck with the card... at this point I am thinking of either returning it for a xfx 4870 that is confirmed to work, or wait few months for snow leopard.
  13. ATI 4890 - compatible?

    Can you please share with us how you got it working? I have XFX 4890 but only 1 DVI at a time works Same happens to me as well.
  14. 4890 Dual Monitors

    OK, first report on xfx 4890: Just finished installing vanilla 10.5.7 + natit + custom x2000.kext and so far I get only one DVI working. I'll do some research this weekend and try some other options. If anyone has suggestions on what to try, keep em comming. THz
  15. 4890 Dual Monitors

    I have XFX 4890 on its way to me. When it arrives (hopefully this Friday) I will try anything I find online (injectors, mac roms etc) to get both DVIs working and report here. BTW. I'll be doing that on a hackintosh, not macpro.