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  1. Compatible Laptops

    Oh I realize that. The issue is my macbook pro (running 10.6) is on its last legs. It was dropped not to long ago...the display is beginning to flicker on occasion and even blank out. Until I can afford a new macbook, I was thinking of a cheaper pc that would be compatible. Thanks again! Thanks!
  2. Compatible Laptops

    Times, as we all know, are tight. I can't afford $2000.00 to replace my MacBook Pro which is now three years old and showing it's age. From what I've been reading, the Dell Mini 10v works great...pretty much 100% compatible. Is this correct? What about any 13" laptops that are known to work great? Looking for suggestions. Thanks everyone.
  3. Snow Leopard/Leopard on Lenovo T61P?

    With nothing else to do today, I've been trying to get it working on a ThinkPad T61 (no "p"). It installs just fine...no issues (aside from the keyboard and mouse not working so have USB ones available). YET: upon reboot: flashing cursor and and unable to get past it. I'm about to give up...it's not worth this much time. I might just get a Dell Mini 10v.