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  1. For anybody else out there having this problem do the following: Go to Disk Utlitiy Select your problematic drive go to Partition Select option and select GUID Partition Table Select OK and then Partition The drive will be ready now for you to install Hope this helps other ppl!
  2. ok, thank you so much!
  3. I sent u a message, but I dont' know if you got it. Do you happen to have the link somwhere (prob not, but that's ok) or what you put in to search. I'm using a MBP and it's such a pain in the a$$ to find stuff on the apple site edit* I went on the apple site and found one thing about it and it showed the drive as being a black enclosure pic on the desktop. I was wondering if yours looked like this or like mine which is a little yellow enclosure with a usb 2.0 icon on it
  4. So, I got leopard and everything on a dvd and started it up and it asks of course for a destination. I have an old 20 gig harddrive from an old laptop, so I erased everything on it with Disk Utility and when I went to select it it has the red exclamation point on it saying "You cannot install Mac OS X on this volume. Mac OS X cannot start up from this volume." I checked the info of the drive and it says it's bootable. I was wondering if anybody knows what this means and if I can fix it, Thank you!
  5. RuffGem

    Leopard Installation Method

    I think you should be able to do that by just using Disk Utility
  6. RuffGem

    Leopard Installation Method

    I got the CD ready and everything, and it's all good. So, I plugged in an extra old laptop drive of mine, and it says it can use it to boot up. I was wondering if anybody knew how to fix this, thanks edit*- looked at the info about it, and at Bootable it says "Yes", so I don't understand
  7. RuffGem

    Leopard Installation Method

    Well, the file you're downloading is probably a .rar, so you'll just open it up and then you'll get the dmg. The single dvd thing is right above your post, I don't know much more than that
  8. So, when using my ipod instead of a dual layer dvd, where do I put the .dmg? Can it just be put anywhere? edit*- Or am I just supposed to put the .app in my iPod that says "Install Mac OS X.app" . I'm really confused by this, and don't know what to do, any help would be appreciated, thanks! edit #2*- Now I'm really confused, do I put all of the install files on my desktop in a file named OSX or do I put them on the iPod in a folder called Desktop? I seem to be getting more the confused the more i work on it, errr! edit #3*- going to bed, hopefully this will all make sense in the morning, it's 4 in the morning here, thanks!