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  1. Triple O/S boot with Chameleon, on GPT (GUID Partition Table) without UEFI. Warning: This Tutorial at own your risk. GNU/Linux & OSX can boot on GPT/MBR partition without problem. win7 just can boot on GPT partition if we have UEFI. source: http://msdn.microsof...e/gg463525.aspx that's why we must use GPT with Hybrid (GPT+MBR), Hybrid mode max 3 partition recognize, like normal MBR just 3 primary partition. - source: http://www.rodsbooks...isk/hybrid.html MBR : Disk signature is 440Kb first of sector HDD Boot Loader is 446Kb first of sector HDD Boot record is 512Kb first of sector HDD source: http://mbrwizard.com/thembr.php reconstruction your partition with gptfdisk - http://sourceforge.n...jects/gptfdisk/ -> dd - http://en.wikipedia...../wiki/Dd_(Unix) like this (just sample): Number Start (sector) End (sector) Size Code Name 1 40 409639 200.0 MiB EF02 EFI System Partition 2 411648 104857600 49.8 GiB AF00 Apple HFS/HFS+ 3 105121792 109316095 2.0 GiB 8200 swap 4 109578240 172492799 30.0 GiB 0700 GNU-linux 5 172754944 382468095 100.0 GiB 0700 win 6 382730240 913596415 253.1 GiB 0700 data 7 913858560 976510983 29.9 GiB AF00 backup and make hybrid (MBR) like this: Number Boot Start Sector End Sector Status Code 1 1 411647 primary 0xEE 2 411648 104857600 primary 0xAF -> osx 3 172754944 382468095 primary 0x07 -> win 4 382730240 913596415 primary 0x07 -> data without boot flag partition. After that, 1. Install osx with Chameleon better use boot0md instead boot0, Save disk signature 440Kb (this is 440Kb from 512Kb of boot0 or boot0md chameleon) with dd, #dd if=/dev/sdx of=/path/to/image/name count=1 bs=440 -> can booted with Chameleon 2. Install GNU/Linux, but install Grub2 on your partition GNU/Linux (sdXY = Y number partition) not on HDD (sdX = X is number of HDD) -> still can booted with Chameleon and automatic recognize GNU/Linux partition if partion code 0700, can't recognize with partion code 8300 (cause this new code on gptfdisk and may be later chameleon can). If booted goes to grub2, you wrong installe grub2, but no matter, run to next step.. 3. Install win7, Save win7 boot record (512Kb) for backup, #dd if=/dev/sdx of=/path/to/image/name count=1 bs=512 -> booted just win7, Chameleon gone. source: http://www.debianhel...k/ddcommand.htm with live GNU/Linux or win7 with gptfdisk installed, restore disk signature 440Kb from Chameleon we save #dd if=/path/to/image/name of=/dev/sdX and with gptfdisk, edit hybrid (MBR) boot flag, from win to osx, like this: Number Boot Start Sector End Sector Status Code 1 1 411647 primary 0xEE 2 * 411648 104857600 primary 0xAF 3 172754944 382468095 primary 0x07 4 382730240 913596415 primary 0x07 summary: win7 need from 441 - 512Kb of first sector HDD to run.
  2. helo everyone, thanks before for andy & nawcom. I had ready installed with legacy_kernel 10.5, without kernel panic, just warning like "dyld : shared cached file was build against a different libsystem" My com.apple.boot.plist : arch=x86_64 -notscverify -force64, and i'v got my System Software Overview 64-bit Kernel and Extensions: Yes. The problem is .app crash every time i ran, like firefox, opera, vlc, mplayer etc... , i think may be cause osx86 run on 64 bit. What your suggest kernel for AMD, usualy i used legacy_kernel 10.3 and run good. my machine: AMD X2 Athlon 4200+ Biostar TF7050-M2 (GF7050 PV / NF630) VGA on board (Geforce 7050) 1Gx2 @6400