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  1. ASUS P5B Deluxe - Snow Leopard Thread

    Just thought I'd mention that none of these problems exsist with Leopard 10.5.8 Ideneb Vanilla. I'm assuming it's because of the kexts for SL.
  2. Hey everyone, This thread mainly applies to the Asus P5B Deluxe motherboard and support for snow leopard. The board contains the following hardware. Audio: ADI AD1988B Firewire: TI 1394a Controller Ethernet: Marvell PCI-E and PCI Gigabit LAN controllers These are the main ones that a Snow Leopard installation will most likely have problems with. I've managed to get Snow up & running with Empire EFI and retail 10.6.0 with Ethernet (skge.text) Audio you can get working with VoodooHDA.kext However firewire does not work. It can be resolved by deleting the AppleHTEC.text and upon doing this I got my firewire back but the Ethernet no longer detects a cable and the connection stops. Anyone else here using ASUS P5 based boards experiencing similar issues? I'll compile some downloads for working kexts & fixes after some research
  3. Hey folks, I know this subject has come up before but I'll post a little more detail on the matter. So basically I have vanilla Snow Leopard installed using Empire EFI and my firewire is not working. The controller is not recognized in system profiler. The motherboard is a Asus P5B Deluxe with a Q6600. The firewire controller is integrated onto the board using the PCI-Express bus along with the dual Ethernet controllers which are Marvell Yukons which worked fine. After reading up on here, I tried removing the applehpet.kext and my firewire port works fine along with my audio interface but the Ethernet not longer works. The controller is recognized but it does not detect a cable plugged? I'm going to try adding the applehpet.kext back onto the unit off my Macbook Pro and see if that gets the Ethernet back but I assume the Firewire will go back to where it was. I think its because they are both on the PCI-E Express Bus. Anyone here in a similar situation or know of any possible fixes?
  4. how can I use firewire in Snow leopard?

    I've got the exact same problem here. My firewire is not recognised. I'm using a Asus P5-B Deluxe with a onboard PCI-E Firewire port. I removed the applehpet.kext and the firewire works fine now along with me plugged in Saffire Audio Interface but my Ethernet is no longer working! Its a Marvell PCI-E onboard ethernet controller. System Profiler detects it but it does not detect a cable plugged in Anyone have similar issue or know of a possible fix? Thanks
  5. Overal Snow Leopard Stability

    Thanks but that guide appears to be specific for a gigabyte board, can it be applied to my asus board?
  6. Any Success on an Asus P5B?

    Hey Redth, Seems like everything's worked out great for you. Wish it was the same for me. I'm using the same Motherboard as you but the deluxe edition. If you could post up a tutorial with the Kexts, would save the day for me!
  7. How has everyone found the general of stability of Snow Leopard so far and can you recommend at this point for professional use? I used to use Logic 8 on my MacBook Pro until it recently died, cant quite afford a Mac Pro but I have a nice beefy Q6600 Studio PC which is ideal for music work (runs Cubase fine in Windows). Would be nice to use Logic 9 in it for all my future work. Do you guys reccomend using Snow Leopard or am I better going with one of the Leopard destros? Thanks
  8. Any Success on an Asus P5B?

    Hey Redth, Sounds good! I'm not going to touch the DSDT files. Just make sure the BIOS is set to AHCI, Legacy USB is enabled and the appropriate boot priority is set for the installer. I'm going to reinstall tonight using PC EFI V10.4 + Chameleon-2.0-RC3 off a pen drive. I'll be running in 32-bit mode just for increased compatibility, though 64-bit mode appeared to be working fine too. Hopefully ill be able to get the kexts working this time.
  9. Installer Problems - Freezing

    Glad to hear you resolved.
  10. Marvell Yukon 88e8001

    Would also be interested in this.
  11. Installer Problems - Freezing

    Most likely from where you migrated them from Leopard, possible incompatibility issues. Try creating a new account and installing either piece of software and see if you experience the same issues.
  12. Cant seem to get Kexts loaded.

    Yeah, I've done the following;
  13. Hey Guys, I've got Snow Leopard up and running nicely using Chameleon RC2 bootloader. I can't seem to get the kexts loaded up for the various hardware on the motherboard though. There are reports of people with the same board as me having it up and fully running. The first device I'm trying to get working is the onboard Ethernet. This Motherboard has dual ethernet but I figured I only need one running which is the Marvell 88E8056. I've tried various kexts from this board and installing manually by copying to S/L/E and repairing permissions and using kext utility. Ive also tried placing it in the Extra folder so chameleon loads it but no success. Ive also Checked the appleyukon.kext and modded the strings for this model but no luck. OSX Just reports there is no PCI-E networking device installed. This is my first hackintosh so I was expecting these sort of issues but if anyone could shed a bit a light that would be great. I may try a different bootloader if it makes any difference, at the moment I'm booting off a pen drive just while I get the correct kexts. Thanks.
  14. Any Success on an Asus P5B?

    Anyone one here found any suitable Firewire drivers that run stable under SL? As my audio interface uses the firewire. As soon as I get my P5B-Deluxe build running nicely I'll post up a guide with included Kexts for hardware.
  15. Strange as mine worked straight away without any installers require. Try NVinject.