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  1. Hi all, Firstly I would like to sorry about my English. I am not native English speak so that why! Secondly I would like to thanks this community for you work and contribution. Why I open this topic? I saw many post about try to use old fashion Intel 855 graphic card with OSx 10.5.x but no post success in doing that with a proper kext. In this post I will not also give you a solution how to fix that - sorry! But we can share information/thoughts/suggest here and hopefully one day one genius could help us! My intend is not going to write a new kext - how ever OSx not support Intel 855 from 10.4.1 - but to find a way around to increase the VRAM in order to run iwork, DVD... My Intel 855 card is only give me 7MB of VRAM - very small when it could give more up to 64MB. Damn! So I study a little bit on Intel 855 card and found one document regarding Graphic and Memory control. I copy the most related part below: (the full document could be find here: http://www.intel.com/assets/pdf/datasheet/252615.pdf) GGC – GMCH Graphics Control Register (Device 0) Address Offset: 52–53h Default Value: 0030h Access: Read/Write Size: 16 bits Bit (15:7) Reserved Bit (6:4) Graphics Mode Select (GMS): This field is used to select the amount of Main system memory that is pre-allocated to support the Internal Graphics Device in VGA (non-linear) and Native (linear) modes. The BIOS ensures that system memory is pre-allocated only when Internal Graphics is enabled. 000 = No system memory pre-allocated. Device #2 (IGD) does not claim VGA cycles (Memory and I/O), and the Sub-Class Code field within Device #2 Function #0 Class Code register is 80. 001 = DVMT (UMA) mode, 1 MB of system memory pre-allocated for frame buffer. 010 = DVMT (UMA) mode, 4 MB of system memory pre-allocated for frame buffer. 011 = DVMT (UMA) mode, 8 MB of system memory pre-allocated for frame buffer. 100 = DVMT (UMA) mode, 16 MB of system memory pre-allocated for frame buffer. 101 = DVMT (UMA) mode, 32 MB of system memory pre-allocated for frame buffer. All other combinations reserved. Bit (3:2) Reserved Bit (1) IGD VGA Disable (IVD): 1 = Disable. Device #2 (IGD) does not claim VGA Memory and I/O Mem cycles, and the Sub-Class Code field within Device #2 Function #0 Class Code register is 80. 0 = Enable. Device #2 (IGD) claims VGA Memory and I/O cycles, the Sub-Class Code within Device #2 Class Code register is 00. Bit (0) Reserved In my case I guess Bit (1) set to 0 and Bit (6:4) set to 011, that why I received 7MB (why it is have 1MB different? I do not know). So if we have any tool to access to right address offset (on BIOS? I think?) and set Bit (6:4) to 101 we will receive pre-allocate memory 32 MB, which is enough to run iWork I think!. I did tried to use HWDirect but to be honest, I do not know where is bit I have to change, I am new in this deeply technic. Could you share some thought and may be a solution how we can manage pre-allocate video memory? I very appreciate, thank you for your time.
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    Strange iWork Problem

    How much VRAM you have? I have same problem and my VRAM only 7MB, that is the reason. You can check your VRAM when you booting, in the sentence "VESA 3.0 7MB ..." As I know there is no solution for our problem if we can not find the right kext for video. And if your video card is Intel 855 as mine - so hopeless!
  3. Wow it is really nice to heard that Intel 2200 card could work in MacOS. Is there any way to extract that kext from JaS 10.4.8 and apply to another distro like iATKOS?
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    How iDeneb DVD look like?

    I did tried with new DVD iATKOS and its work. So the problem was from the bad DVD.
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    iATKOS v7 on Fujitsu Lifebook S6120

    Wow, pity that I did not found your post few days ago, anyway I also manage to install iATKOS on my old Panasonic laptop. I still have some more things still not work: - Network card Realtek 8139: the Network Ultility seems recognized the card but I can not connect to Internet but I do not know why? - Wireless Intel Proset 2200 ABG: is there any people could make it work? Or I have to replace that with another? - Video card Intel 82852 / 82855 GM / GME can not work with DVD player and Front Row - Sound card SigmaTel C can not work Hope some people passby and give the solution. Edit 0: I use your instruction to install AppleACAudio and it work like charm. Thanks very much!
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    Thanks UnaClocker, short answer but very comprehensive. Thanks! I did try with iDeneb but still not success, after read your post, I will download iATKOS to make a new try.
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    How iDeneb DVD look like?

    Hi all, I am totally new in this, that why I have such stupid question , the problem is I can not finish installation iDeneb on my laptop, at the end of installation process (is says "Time remaining: about 3 minutes") the DVD keep running and running forever and the system completely hang. And when I put that DVD to Window I only see several files with total around 25MB! Is that normal? Please comment, thanks.