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  1. Darwin is dead.

    OS X consists of many seperate parts. OS X is basicly, Darwin plus all the cool Apple magic which makes a mac a mac. This "magic" is mostly the user interface and all of the bundeled software, iLife, spot light, automator. Now nearly all the Darwin stuff came from Next and inturn from much older unix routes. Apple ported it to PowerPC and keeps updating it (untill recently). The rest of the stuff is all proprietry and has never been open sourced. In general if apple conceived the idea and started the code base them selves apple doesn't open source it. You can't get access to the Finders code for instance. Core Duo is quick but compared to the top spec pentmium D's its not that quick. But look at the heat sink on that Pentium D of yours then look at the one in a Mac Book Pro (arguably too small, but thats another topic). The big difference is power consumption, which is why they can make the iMac and Mac mini so small. They are in effect laptops, without the battery. Now the place you would possibly see the Pentium D type chips is the Power Mac and X Serves. The only machines yet to switch. The word is apple is waiting for one of the newer chips on the intel road map, like they did for the core duo's. And no "Pro" will buy a new intel Power Mac with out all the pro apps being universal binaries (and that includes the 3rd part Adobe ones). So there is no need for an intel power hungry beast of a workstation that competes with your Pentium D, Yet. That day will come but its propbably a while off.
  2. Darwin is dead.

    I am going to wait and see, I am not sure if this is old news or if its based on some new development we are missing. In terms of switching to a new kernel it makes a lot of sence. The micro kernel idea which Mach is based on seems to have had its day. The problem is not desktop systems, its servers, the current Tiger kernel is apparently very inefficent for certian types of heavly threaded work. Exactly the same type of work which busy servers do all the time. I have seen a benchmark of MYSQL and Apache which demonstrate this very clearly, you lose almost half the performance by running on Mac OS X server. It in theory it would make a great server platform, the power of unix and the simplicity of a Mac, sounds perfect to me. To clear a few things up about BSD and its relation to it, Tige. The BSDs and even Linux to a lesser extent all share their routes from the early unix in the 70's. Since then they have all diveraged and gone there seperate ways. However apparently apple has recently borrowed some parts of FreeBSD and used them in the some what long in the tooth Tiger kernal. Which thanks to the BSD license they a free to do, although they have apparently contributed some code which they didnt have too back to FreeBSD. The problem is FreeBSD like linux and nearly everyother main stream OS uses a monalithic kernel archetecture which means apple has had to add lots of plumbing code to make the FreeBSD stuff fit, which is even less efficent. Also there have been reports that a key employee has left apple who was influential in the use of the Mach kernel in Tiger. So it would make sence that apple is switching and writting a new kernel, which conviently, probably wont be open sourced, which would be a shame. If I were apple I would build a new kernel using the FreeBSD one as a base and carry one like they have with darwin (open source kernel, proprietary consumer OS). Still I am not apple and I am sure they have there reasons. You never know it could even be priacy related. Although if they sold OS X seperatly they would massively reduce that issue. Just my thoughts anyway.
  3. It will fix it even on a SEE3 chip?
  4. I got an X600 pro which is also stuck at 1024x768 also using DVI. Problem is It looks horrible on my TFT, because its below its native resolution. Since 10.4.3 it seems much quicker, but there is a mouse pointer bug. It doesn't redraw the screen properly when the mouse goes over a section of the screen. Dvd's play back well and so do the Hi - Def H.264 examples off apples web site, very impressive even without sound. I Wonder how long it will take for fully functional display drivers to surface. If the roumors about the MacWrold Expo are true it will have to be soon. Steve Jobs wouldn't appricate standing up on stage demonstrating the Mac Mini / pvr or the new power book with the mouse pointer going all crazy. Still they got the intel display chipset working for the dev boxes so may be they will stick with that. I wonder what any of the few mac game developers thought when they got their transition dev box and found out what graphics card they got to try there games out on. Oh well I am sure one day we can look back on this (slightly blurry) momment and laugh.
  5. Ok enough talking about it we need to do some research and some coding. We need a few people to join this effort thats all it will take. The Nvidia effort has 4 people doing the vast majority of the work and is moving at quite a pace. As for my efforts so far. Like most people when I try to load the ati drivers I get this and the machine crashes. It seems to be ATIRadeon9700.kext which crashs. Problem is I can't read the error messages as you can see from the photo. As I see it there are two ways we can get a driver functioning. 1, We can take the simplest route of trying to patch the existing drivers. 2, We can use the linux or other open source drivers as a template and use the apple documentation to build our own. It think the one thats going to be most likely is the first. This assumes though that the ATI drivers are like the Nvidia drivers almost complete. Now here is where I need some one elses help. Can someone with a PPC mac with a recent ati card say the X800 post a list of all the ATI related kexts they have and there file sizes? I don't have access to such a machine so, it really will need someone else. Then we can check to see how different the files we have are. If like the Nvidia ones it is very close then it is time follow there example. If it proves to be really different then we may need to look at option 2. Our goals in this as I see it, are: 1 Produce a simple driver which allows people to change resolutions and refresh rates. 2 Produce a driver with 2D accelertion 3 Attempt 3D support. The linux open source guys have got some where with this so we might one day http://r300.sourceforge.net/. But I susspect ATI will come along with their driver by then. The only one which is really important is number 1. So what do you think? We also need a centeral space like a Wiki page to comunicate all the developments. May be an irc channel too. So we don't all end discovering the same thing over and over again. Does anyone have access to a server where we could do something like this? In the mean time if some could posts the list of kexts from a PPC ati shod mac that would be a good start. Come on you know we can do this. Charlie
  6. What would you PAY for a LEGIT copy of MacOSx86?

    I would certainly be willing to pay for it, if it’s at a sensible price (say the same as the current PPC version). It’s a brilliant piece of software and anything to liberate me from windows or the excessive complexities of Linux. I personally think apple can sell OS X to pc builders and retail out lets with out harming their hardware sales. At least they would make much more from the software than they lost in hardware sales. Increasing the OS market penetration would eventually increase their hardware sales as using windows becomes less of a given for the average user. As long as they maintained their usually excellent quality and market "apple PC's" as a presume product. After all the margins are so small in the cut throat world of low cast pc (dell and the like) they couldn't survive there anyway. Charlie