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  1. I'm not sure if that was meant to insult me or not, but it was helpful. After I Googled that picture and learned its meaning, I realized what I was doing wrong. Thanks. I'm new to the OS X project and have very limited experience with Linux, so I apologize for my stupid question.
  2. I am unable to create the .aml tables that contain any useful information, through Ubuntu. The following is a copy of my terminal session. Do you see anything that I may have done wrong? I just get the following error: acpi_os_map_memory: cannot open /dev/mem To run a command as administrator (user "root"), use "sudo ". See "man sudo_root" for details. ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get update Ign cdrom://Ubuntu 9.04 _Jaunty Jackalope_ - Release amd64 (20090420.1) jaunty/main Translation-en_US Ign cdrom://Ubuntu 9.04 _Jaunty Jackalope_ - Release amd64 (20090420.1) jaunty/restricted Translation-en_US Get:1 [url="http://security.ubuntu.com"]http://security.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-security Release.gpg [189B] Ign [url="http://security.ubuntu.com"]http://security.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-security/main Translation-en_US Get:2 [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty Release.gpg [189B] Ign [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty/main Translation-en_US Ign [url="http://security.ubuntu.com"]http://security.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-security/restricted Translation-en_US Ign [url="http://security.ubuntu.com"]http://security.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-security/universe Translation-en_US Get:3 [url="http://security.ubuntu.com"]http://security.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-security Release [57.9kB] Ign [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty/restricted Translation-en_US Ign [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty/universe Translation-en_US Get:4 [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-updates Release.gpg [189B] Ign [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-updates/main Translation-en_US Ign [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-updates/restricted Translation-en_US Ign [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-updates/universe Translation-en_US Get:5 [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty Release [74.6kB] Get:6 [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-updates Release [57.9kB] Get:7 [url="http://security.ubuntu.com"]http://security.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-security/main Packages [116kB] Get:8 [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty/main Packages [1251kB] Get:9 [url="http://security.ubuntu.com"]http://security.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-security/restricted Packages [2594B] Get:10 [url="http://security.ubuntu.com"]http://security.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-security/main Sources [30.3kB] Get:11 [url="http://security.ubuntu.com"]http://security.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-security/restricted Sources [623B] Get:12 [url="http://security.ubuntu.com"]http://security.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-security/universe Packages [53.6kB] Get:13 [url="http://security.ubuntu.com"]http://security.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-security/universe Sources [12.6kB] Get:14 [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty/restricted Packages [8858B] Get:15 [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty/main Sources [555kB] Get:16 [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty/restricted Sources [3156B] Get:17 [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty/universe Packages [4732kB] Get:18 [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty/universe Sources [2375kB] Get:19 [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-updates/main Packages [193kB] Get:20 [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-updates/restricted Packages [2594B] Get:21 [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-updates/main Sources [54.8kB] Get:22 [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-updates/restricted Sources [623B] Get:23 [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-updates/universe Packages [74.4kB] Get:24 [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty-updates/universe Sources [21.2kB] Fetched 9678kB in 2min 7s (76.0kB/s) Reading package lists... Done ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install acpidump Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done The following NEW packages will be installed: acpidump 0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 253 not upgraded. Need to get 16.5kB of archives. After this operation, 94.2kB of additional disk space will be used. Get:1 [url="http://archive.ubuntu.com"]http://archive.ubuntu.com[/url] jaunty/universe acpidump 20071116-1 [16.5kB] Fetched 16.5kB in 0s (19.2kB/s) Selecting previously deselected package acpidump. (Reading database ... 103503 files and directories currently installed.) Unpacking acpidump (from .../acpidump_20071116-1_amd64.deb) ... Processing triggers for man-db ... Setting up acpidump (20071116-1) ... ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ mkdir ACPI && dmesg | perl -we '$n=0; while (<>) { if (($t,$a,$l,$o) = (/^[^a-zA-Z]*ACPI: ([-._A-Z0-9]{4,4}) +([0-9A-F]{8,8}), ([0-9A-F]{4,4})+(?:\s*\(([^)]+))?/)) { $o && $o=~s/[^-._a-zA-Z0-9]+/-/g; ($cmd="acpidump -a $a -l $l > \"ACPI/${t}".($o?"_$o":"").".aml\""); print "Running command: \"$cmd\"\n"; system($cmd); ++$n; } } die("No match") unless $n;' && zip -r ACPI-Tables.zip ACPI Running command: "acpidump -a 000FBC00 -l 0024 > "ACPI/RSDP_r2-DELL-.aml"" acpi_os_map_memory: cannot open /dev/mem Running command: "acpidump -a DF66F200 -l 005C > "ACPI/XSDT_r1-DELL-M08-27D80B13-ASL-61.aml"" acpi_os_map_memory: cannot open /dev/mem Running command: "acpidump -a DF66F09C -l 00F4 > "ACPI/FACP_r4-DELL-M08-27D80B13-ASL-61.aml"" acpi_os_map_memory: cannot open /dev/mem Running command: "acpidump -a DF66F800 -l 5733 > "ACPI/DSDT_r2-INT430-SYSFexxx-1001-INTL-20050624.aml"" acpi_os_map_memory: cannot open /dev/mem Running command: "acpidump -a DF67E000 -l 0040 > "ACPI/FACS.aml"" acpi_os_map_memory: cannot open /dev/mem Running command: "acpidump -a DF66F300 -l 0038 > "ACPI/HPET_r1-DELL-M08-1-ASL-61.aml"" acpi_os_map_memory: cannot open /dev/mem Running command: "acpidump -a DF66F400 -l 0068 > "ACPI/APIC_r1-DELL-M08-27D80B13-ASL-47.aml"" acpi_os_map_memory: cannot open /dev/mem
  3. I hate to ask this question, because it seems so basic and probably asked 1000 times before. However, I cannot find an answer to my question. I have read and searched many pages and have not found an answer, so please don't flame me too badly. Setup: I have a Dell XPS M1330, I used Superhai's DellSnow.iso to boot and install Snow Leopard, from an upgrade disc. I then installed Chameleon 2.0 RC3. I tried the autoinstaller and that did not work. So I then followed some manual directions. Chameleon was then working on my laptop, but I could only get a kernel panic. To establish baseline functionality, I copied all of the files from the DellSnow cd /Extra/Preboot.dmg/Extra to /Extra/Extensions and .Chameleon/Extra/Extensions on my HD. Status: I can boot Snow Leopard from the hard drive. I have no sound, I believe the resolution is wrong, my touchpad is recognized as a mouse. So I don't have two finger scrolling. Shutdown works, but sleep and restart do not. My USB ports, wifi, battery status, and other essential hardware seems to be functional. Problem: I have tried installing kext files by dragging them into my /Extra/Extensions folder, by using Kext Helper b7, and by trying the kext utility. However, my kexts never appear to be running when I check them using kextspy. I seem to have kext files in three locations: /Extra/Extensions .Chameleon/Extra/Extensions /System/Library/Extensions Removing .kext files from /Extra/Extensions seems to have negative consequences, i.e. I removed the ApplePS2Controller.kext file and my keyboard and mouse no longer worked. However, adding files to this folder doesn't seem to have any impact and they never show up using kextspy. Question: How do I properly install kext files using my setup?
  4. I can't say how I got shutdown working. I'm pretty sure that I'm loading my kext files the wrong way. But I can't figure out the right way, b/c there are so many ways to load them. My shutdown started working for me once I got Chameleon on the HD to boot SL. I installed Chameleon 2.0 RC3. I tried the auto-installer, but it kept failing. So I followed the manual directions and loaded Chameleon on my SL partition. Then I kept getting the kernel panic. So, I booted with the DellSnow CD and copied all of the files inside of Preboot.dmg/Extra/Extensions to my /Extra/Extensions/ folder just so I could load SL without the DellSnow disc. Once I did that, I could boot SL without DellSnow and shutdown worked. Reset and Sleep do not work. To install .kext files, I have tried dragging them to my /Extra/Extensions folder, the Kext Utility, and Kext Helper b7. No matter which method I use to install new kext files, they're never running when I check them with KextSpy. I have tried removing the ApplePS2Controller.kext from my /Extra/Extensions folder, but then my mouse and keyboard do not work. So I can remove .kexts, I just can't get new ones to load. Lastnight was my first attempt at loading any Mac OS onto a PC, so I still have a lot to learn. I think that if I can figure out how to properly install a .kext, I might be able to get my sound and 2 finger scrolling to work.
  5. I have an M1330. Last night I used it to start my first ever attempt making it a hackintosh. I was able to do so easily using all of the information and utilities posted on this site. I installed Snow Leopard on it and it boots just fine from the hard drive. I performed a Vanilla installation, and all of my hardware is working except for my sound, two finger scrolling, and sleep. I am using Chameleon 2.0 RC3 as my bootloader. Sound: I have tried loading every STAC9228 .kext I can find, but none of them seem to work. I also haven't been able to verify that anyone has sound working on the M1330 with SL. Two Finger Scrolling: I have installed the VoodooPS2 kext, but still no joy. When I examine my active .kexts, it shows com.apple.driver.AppleUSBComposite as being loaded, and system preferences shows that I have a mouse installed, not a trackpad. Sleep: No one has this working, right? I can do shutdowns but I can't get it to sleep. If anyone can point me in the right direction for a solution to any of these problems, that would be greeat.